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Reduction of open prison estate: HMP Noranside closure

2011 November 2
by Mary Munro


“Noranside closure leaves Angus with a prison-sized problem to solve” Courier

Following posted on 1.11.11

“Closure of Noranside raises concerns about Scottish Prison Service’s use of Castle Huntly” Courier
“Inmates transfer as Noranside prison closes” BBC

Following posted on 9.8.11

“Concern over Noranside closure’s impact on prisoner work placement scheme” Courier

Following posted on 5.8.11

“Closure of Noranside Prison angers community’s leaders” Courier
“Noranside Open Estate prison to close” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 3.7.11

“Scottish Prison Service confirms Noranside is to close at end of October” Courier
“Noranside Open Prison to close by the end of October” Daily Record
“Noranside open prison to close under cost-cutting measures” STV
“Noranside open prison in Angus to close in October” BBC

Following posted on 26.5.11

“SNP risks rift over closure of Noranside open prison” Courier

Following posted on 16.5.11

“Scottish Prison Service was considering options for Noranside in August 2009” Courier

Following posted on 13.5.11

“Scottish Prison Service again refuses to give Courier access to Noranside documents” Courier

Following posted on 30.3.11

“Liberal Democrat Robert Brown hits out at Noranside ‘smokescreen’” Courier

Following posted on 28.3.11

“Noranside open prison plans to remain secret” Courier

Following posted on 8.3.11

“Fears Noranside’s stay of execution merely a ‘cynical ploy’” Courier
“Noranside decision delay ‘a ploy’” Press and Journal
“Decision on HMP Noranside’s fate delayed until after Holyrood elections” Courier

“Angus prison campaigners take fight for open jail to Holyrood” Press and Journal
“Noranside prison campaigners present petition” Courier

Following posted on 22.2.11

“Savings to be made by closure of HMP Noranside questioned” Courier

Following posted on 7.2.11

“Prison officers take fight to save Noranside to the streets of Forfar” Courier
“Prison officers ready to step up campaign to save Noranside” Courier
“Protest in bid to save Noranside open prison” Press and Journal

“Prison officers’ union prepares business plan to save Noranside” Courier

Following posted on 24.1.11

“Prison officers against HMP Noranside’s closure” Courier
“Union vows to fight Noranside Prison closure” BBC

Following posted on 13.1.11

“Claim of ‘duplicity’ over Noranside closure fears” Courier

“Scottish Prison Service to discuss Noranside at end of January” Courier

Following posted on 5.1.11

“Scottish Prison Service accused of ‘disgraceful’ attitude to Noranside concerns” Courier

Following posted on 22.12.10

“Councillors add their voices to keep Noranside open” Courier
“John Swinney challenges prison chiefs on HMP Noranside” Courier
“Rape of a schoolgirl led to more rigorous prisoner selection” Courier
“Concern over ‘temptation’ for offenders if Noranside closes” Courier
“Open-prison cuts putting public at risk, say LibDems” Herald
“Prisoners being released straight on to Scottish streets, says report” Press and Journal
“Proposed closure of Noranside” Press and Journal

Following posted on 16.12.10

“Noranside earmarked for closure by Scottish Prison Service” Courier
“Noranside jail to close in spite of assurances” Press and Journal
“Closure likely for Noranside open prison” BBC

“Councillor concerned Noranside prison closure would lead to more crime” Courier
“Government actively considering Noranside Prison closure – claim” Courier

Following posted on 4.10.10

“New concern at open prisons operating well under capacity” Courier

“Half–capacity jails lead to concerns over their future” Press and Journal

Press release

“Scottish Prison Service confirms closure of Noranside” SPS (August 2011)

See also

Robert Brown (Glasgow) (LD): To ask the Scottish Executive what its position is on the acceptability of the open prison estate operating at approximately 60% capacity while there is overcrowding in the closed estate.

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