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Spot fines and litter control: fining children

2011 October 12
by Mary Munro

Glasgow litter binUpdate

“Council puts children in line for litter fines” Law Society Journal Online
“More children face £50 fines for littering despite civil liberty outcry “ Scotsman
“Litter lout children to get £50 fines on the spot” Scottish Express

Following posted on 16.1.09

“Litter is costing taxpayers £100 million every year Scotsman
“226 litter fines handed out by the city council in 12 months” Scotsman
“Litter louts getting clean away as fines system fails” Scotsman

Following posted on 22.4.08

“First litter offenders taken to court for not paying fines” Evening Times

Following posted on 28.02.08

“Two teachers and 31 kids get fines for dropping litter” Evening Times

Following posted on 20.02.08

“8000 fined in first year of litter blitz” Evening Times

Following posted on 19.2.08

“Litter blitz to target kids” Evening Times

Following posted on 17.12.07

“700 ‘can pay won’t pay’ litter louts face court” Evening Times
“Litter Bugs Dodge £50 Fines” Sunday Mail

Following posted on 14.12.07

“Litter louts dropped us all in this mess” Evening Times

Following posted on 12.12.07

“Readers get behind us for shaming litter louts” Evening Times

Following posted on 11.12.07

“City litter louts named and shamed” Evening Times
“‘Litter louts’ named and shamed” BBC

Following posted on 25.5.07

“Litter ‘cops’ tackle grime crime” BBC
“We’ve got the drop on city’s litter louts. . . “ Evening Times
“‘Mean teams’ take war on litter to streets” Herald

Following posted on 31.1.07

“It’s a £50 fine and no butts about it” Courier
“Taking liberties” Evening Telegraph

Following posted on 2.12.04

“Litter wardens hand out three fines a day” Evening News

Following posted on 10.9.04

“First on-the-spot fine for dropping litter out of car” Evening Times

Following posted on 4.3.04

“Main agent in war on city litter louts hands out 28 fines” Scotsman

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