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Appeal Court on determination of punishment part and discount for discretionary life and OLR sentences

2011 October 3
by Mary Munro


“Mum of rape victim reveals family’s anguish at Robert Foye’s appeal victory” Daily Record

Following posted on 30.9.11

“First Minister addresses concerns over Foye appeal” Newsnet Scotland
“MacAskill promises action on punishment parts” Law Society Journal Online
“Salmond’s pledge over dangerous criminals” Press and Journal
“Vicious thug who raped 16-year-old girl while on the run from jail has his sentence cut in half” Daily Record
“Judges’ decision means rapist Robert Foye can seek freedom in 2013” Courier

Following posted on 29.9.11

“Rapist has minimum jail term halved after appeal” Herald
“Outrage as rapist’s minimum jail term is halved by judge “ Press and Journal
“Scramble to tighten law as judges halve sentence of infamous rapist” Scotsman
“Fury as rapist’s jail term slashed in half” Scottish Express
“How could they let this monster win?” Scottish Sun
“Rapist Robert Foye has minimum prison sentence halved” BBC
“Labour and Tories condemn reduction of Foye sentence on appeal” Holyrood Magazine

Following posted on 2.3.11

“Dangerous criminals could be freed earlier after ruling” Herald
“Comment” Herald
“Worst offenders could be freed early after landmark ruling” Scotsman
“Two notorious Scots rapists could have life sentences halved” STV
“Evil lifers may be freed early” Scottish Sun
“Ruling paves way for sex criminals to appeal sentences” BBC
“Court ruling exposes sentencing ‘anomaly’” Law Society Journal Online

Press releases

“Ruling by Appeal Court” Scot.Gov. (September 2011)
“Morris Petch and Robert Foye v HMA” Judiciary Scotland

See also

“An issue arose in relation to the proper approach to the assessment of an appropriate level of discount in respect of the plea of guilty where the offence which had given rise to the discretionary life sentence, or order for lifelong restriction, was ex hypothesi not murder.”

Opinion. Robert Foye v. HMA. 27.9.11

Opinion: Petch and Foye v HMA. 1/3/11

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