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RSPB Scotland annual report on illegal killing of birds of prey published

2011 September 14
by Mary Munro


“RSPB Scotland warns bird poisonings likely to be worse than even its own figures suggest” Courier
“Record numbers of golden eagles poisoned in Scotland in 2010” Guardian
“Rarest birds ‘at serious risk’ from deliberate killings” STV

Following posted on 23.7.10

“Poisoning of Scottish birds of prey at highest levels in 20 years” Guardian
“RSPB in call for tough action on wildlife crime” Press and Journal
“Poisonings of birds of prey ‘highest for two decades’” Scotsman
“Bird of prey poisonings at record high” STV
“RSPB says bird of prey poisoning at ‘20–year high’” BBC

Following posted on 7.9.09

“Killers of rare birds of prey should be named and shamed, says MSP” Sunday Herald
“MSP: ‘Name and shame bird killers’” STV

Following posted on 26.8.09

“Killing of birds of prey on increase” Press and Journal
“Birds of prey killings ‘shameful high’” Scotsman
“Scale of bird killings ‘unknown’” BBC

Following posted on 19.11.08

“RSPB warns of ‘deeply troubling’ killings of birds” Herald
“34 birds of prey were found poisoned last year – and it’s the tip of the iceberg” Scotsman
“Bird killings ‘deeply troubling'” BBC

Following posted on 24.9.05

“Birds of prey still at risk despite new laws “ Scotsman

Press releases

“Record number of golden eagles among victims as illegal bird of prey killing remains at high levels” RSPB (September 2011)
“Record year for illegal poisoning incidents” RSPB (July 2010)
“More action required to tackle the illegal killing of birds of prey in Scotland” RSPB Scotland (2009)
“Crimes against birds of prey in Scotland far too high” RSPB Scotland (2008)
“Threat to birds of prey from persecution continues unabated despite new laws” RSPB (2005)

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