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Cadder consequences: Carloway Review; COPFS report

2011 August 10
by Mary Munro


“When criminal law fails” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 27.6.11

“UK court puts Scots justice on trial” Scotsman
“Supreme Court clarity sought on Cadder ruling” BBC
“In the Supreme Court w/c 27 June 201” UK Supreme Court blog w/c 27 June 2011

Following posted on 14.2.11

“More cases face collapse over ‘sons of Cadder’” Scotsman

“Angiolini to seek further Cadder rulings” Law Society Journal Online
“How much evidence do you need for a knife crime conviction? Is photographic proof not enough?” Scotsman
“Law must cut to the chase” Scotsman
“Ripples still being felt after Cadder ruling on legal advice” Scotsman

Following posted on 11.2.11

“Minister ‘warned of ruling in 2008’” Scottish Sun
“Five rape cases dropped thanks to EU human rights laws” Telegraph

Following posted on 10.2.11

“Nearly 900 Scottish criminal cases thrown out due to EU ruling” Daily Record
“‘This is a grim day for Scottish justice’ 900 criminal cases halted by Supreme Court’s ruling” Herald
“Human rights law can lead to human wrongs” Scotsman
“Euro rule lets 900 accused escape justice” Scotsman
“Hundreds of cases dropped in fallout from Cadder” Express
“Crown forced to drop 900 criminal cases over European ruling” STV
“The day justice died in Scotland” Scottish Sun
“Crown publishes results of Cadder review” Law Society Journal Online
“Rape allegations among cases affected by Cadder ruling” BBC

Following posted on 25.1.11

“Human rights laws leave ‘animals’ free says sex attack OAP” Express
“Sex attacker uses ruling on Cadder to appeal conviction” Herald

Following posted on 16.12.10

“Experts named to support Carloway review” Law Society Journal Onlne

Following posted on 7.12.10

“Cadder case applied to questioning during drugs search” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 30.11.10

“GBA publishes Cadder materials” Law Society Journal Online

“Cadder v HMA – a political inconvenience?” Law Society Journal Online
“New warning over Cadder case ruling” Herald
“SCCRC chair warns of risk from Cadder response” Law Society Journal Online
“MacAskill assures SCCRC that new S7 an ‘interim measure’ – will be subject to Carloway’s review” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 19.11.10

“Carloway terms of reference confirmed” Law Society Journal Online
“England 1–0 Scotland” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 17.11.10

“Man has sex attack conviction quashed under Cadder ruling” Scotsman
“Sex offender granted appeal following Cadder ruling” STV
“Rights under question. The legal issues raised by the Cadder appeal and the subsequent emergency legislation; and some wider constitutional questions now being discussed” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 16.11.10

“Death trial abandoned over Cadder effect” The Firm Magazine
“The Cadder ruling – a victim’s perspective” The Firm Magazine
“Cadder ruling sees child porn accused walk free” Express

Press releases

“Crown review of cases after Cadder V HMA” COPFS (February 2011)
“Carloway Review Reference Group” Scot.Gov. (December 2010)
“Review of law and practice” Scot.Gov. (November 2010)

See also

Scottish Parliament Official Report 10.2.11: Richard Baker: What support has been given to the victims affected by the dropping of cases as a result of the Cadder judgment? Is the First Minister aware that, a year before the judgment, practitioners in Scotland warned that his Government was in breach of the European convention on human rights on the matter? Does he agree that those events require the Cabinet Secretary for Justice to make an emergency statement to Parliament? (Scroll down from link).
Glasgow Bar Association Cadder files

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