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Megrahi: second anniversary of release

2011 August 22
by Mary Munro

“The Lockerbie bomber I know” Guardian
“Lockerbie bomber on brink” Scottish Sun
“Lockerbie bomber Megrahi’s survival attributed to pills” BBC
“Medical revelation adds to Lockerbie bomber anniversary row” Courier
“Scottish Conservatives say second anniversary of Lockerbie bomber’s release should be marked with an apology” Courier
“Give us Megrahi say US Senators as another key Gaddafi stronghold falls” Daily Record
“Bitter pill as Lockerbie bomber al-Megrahi is kept alive by drug not available in the UK” Daily Record
“Drugs not yet available in UK ‘keeping Megrahi alive'” Evening News
“Al-Megrahi cancer release defended by Scotland two years on” Guardian
“Two years on: Alex Salmond still defiant over al-Megrahi” Scotsman
“Conservatives call for the release of Megrahi’s full medical records and on-going assessments” Scotsman
“Life-extending drug being used by al-Megrahi” Scotsman
“Megrahi kept alive by drug you can’t have” Scottish Express
“Scottish Government claims it has been ‘vindicated’ over Lockerbie bomber’s release” STV
“Lockerbie bombing: Two-year anniversary of Megrahi’s release” STV
“Lockerbie bomber is saved by British drug” Scottish Sun
“Lockerbie bomber release ‘vindicated’ says Scottish government two years on” Telegraph
“Megrahi survival – has Professor Kirby’s point been missed?” Newsnet Scotland
“Scotsman newspaper in ‘Lockerbie attack’ on Salmond” Newsnet Scotland
“Cancer specialist on ‘flawed’ Megrahi prognosis” BBC
“US Senators call for extradition of Lockerbie bomber” BBC
“Salmond insists Megrahi decision was right” Herald
“Bring the Lockerbie bomber back to Britain” Telegraph

“Libyans hit out at release of Megrahi” Scotsman
“‘I fear that Megrahi may be shot by bin Laden-style hit squad'” Scotsman
“Two-thirds of Scots believe Lockerbie bomber should go back to prison” Scotsman
“Gaddafi’s Megrahi ‘victory’” Herald
“Take Megrahi back to face Scottish jail” Herald
“Lockerbie campaigner fears hit squad will kill Megrahi as he reveals secrets of justice fight” Daily Record
“Scots want Lockerbie bomber Megrahi back behind bars” Daily Record

“Lockerbie: The Pan Am bomber” Newsnet Scotland
“MacAskill blanks “duty of care” challenge – claims Council in “regular contact” with Megrahi since regime change “ The Firm Magazine
“Campaign group challenges Scots authorities on “duty of care” to Megrahi as Libyan regime changes” The Firm Magazine
“Call for Megrahi to have ‘open door’ to Scotland” Scotsman

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