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Reaction to Megrahi’s appearance on Libyan TV at Gaddafi rally

2011 July 29
by Mary Munro


“Scots Labour leader says Lockerbie bomber’s appearance on Libyan TV ‘turned the stomach of our nation'” Courier
“Row grows over film of Lockerbie bomber” Evening Times

Following posted on 28.7.11

“New salvo in medical row over Megrahi” Herald
“Megrahi medical evidence ‘pretty much worthless’ says angry Hague” Scotsman
“William Hague: Freeing the Lockerbie bomber was a great mistake” Scottish Express
“Sent home in 2009 with ‘less than 90 days to live’, Lockerbie bomber appears at rally for Libya dictator Gaddafi” Daily Record
“Lockerbie bomber Megrahi appears on Libyan television” STV
“Iain Gray on Abdelbaset al Megrah’s TV appearance” STV
“Christine Graham on the Libyan TV appearance” STV
“Al-Megrahi picture turned nation’s stomach” Scottish Sun
“Hague attacks Scottish justice system” Newsnet Scotland
“Lockerbie bomber al-Megrahi seen at pro-Gaddafi rally in Tripoli” Guardian
“Hague ‘outrage’ at Lockerbie bomber’s TV appearance” BBC
“Lockerbie bomber Megrahi at pro-Gaddafi rally – video” Guardian
“Al-Megrahi ‘cheerleader’ footage renews anger over prison release” Press and Journal

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