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Prostitution in Dundee, Tayside

2011 May 30
by Mary Munro


“Tayside Police give warning on the misery of on-street prostitution” Courier

Following posted on 25.05.11

“Officer says fear of speaking out prevents true misery of brothel problem from being revealed” Courier

Following posted on 12.02.10

“Concerns are voiced over prostitution in Tayside” Press and Journal

Following posted on 27.07.09

“Tricks for a fix” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 21.08.08

“Police focus on prostitution” Evening Telegraph

Following posted on 21.09.07

“Kerb-crawlers face Asbos as well as prosecution” Herald
“Police warn they will target kerb crawlers” Scotsman
“Plans for kerb-crawler crackdown” BBC

Following posted on 13.04.07

“Prostitution on rise again “ Evening Telegraph

Press release

“Government Funding to Tackle Prostitution in Dundee” Tayside Police (September 2007)

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