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Drugs and prisons: mandatory testing, naloxone

2011 April 13
by Mary Munro


“Tories call for cut in prison drug abuse” Scotsman
“Conservatives call for prison drugs crackdown” STV

Following posted on 12.04.11

“Government drugs adviser calls for national roll-out of ‘magic medicine’ for heroin addicts” STV
“Prisoners ‘should be given drug binge kits when they leave prison'” Telegraph

Following posted on 30.12.10

“Tories call for drug testing of all Scots prisoners” Herald
“Lag tests call” Scottish Sun
“Drugs in prison” Scotsman

Following posted on 3.02.10

“Third of cons leaving jail test positive for drug use” Evening News

Following posted on 30.3.09

“‘Seven prisoners a day’ failing drugs tests” Press and Journal
“Government accused over prison drug abuse” Scotsman
“Fewer drugs found in prison” Courier
“Scots Tories in call for mandatory drug testing for inmates” Scotsman
“Call to drug test all prisoners” BBC
“Conservatives call for mandatory drug tests in jail” STV

Following posted on 4.12.06

“Goldie urges more testing and better rehabilitation” Sunday Herald
“Goldie calls for jail drug tests” BBC
“Make cons take drug tests say Tories” Daily Record 4.12.06
“Conservatives call for mandatory drug testing in prisons” STV

Press release

“Mandatory drug testing good for addicts, families and society” Scottish Conservatives (December 2006)

See also

John Lamont (Roxburgh and Berwickshire) (Con): To ask the Scottish Executive how many random drug tests have been carried out on prisoners in the last 12 months, broken down by prison.

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