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Lockerbie: Libyan Foreign Minister interviewed

2011 April 15
by Mary Munro

Moussa Koussa Libyan foreign minister

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“The plot thinnens” The Firm Magazine
“JFM questions sincerity of Crown’s Megrahi investigation” The Firm Magazine
“Libya: Moussa Koussa questioned as Lockerbie witness” BBC
“Musa Kusa in UK snub” Scottish Sun
“Musa Kusa gets six-month UK visa” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 13.4.11

“Moussa Koussa’s departure to Doha angers Lockerbie campaigners” Guardian
“UK is ‘transit lounge for war criminals'” Scotsman
“Henchman of Gaddafi now using UK as a ‘transit lounge’” Express

Following posted on 10.4.11

“Lockerbie relatives request Moussa Koussa meeting” BBC
“Libya: Moussa Koussa ‘could leave Britain’ “ Telegraph
“Lockerbie victims’ families ask to meet Libyan defector Kusa” STV
“Brother in demand for probe into ‘Lockerbie 2’” Express
“More defectors ‘set to point the finger’ over Lockerbie inquiry “ Scotsman
“Lockerbie victims’ families split over call for full probe amid calls to quiz Koussa” Herald
“Lockerbie families split over call for new investigation” Guardian
“Libyan defector Moussa Koussa interviewed over Lockerbie” Guardian
“Moussa Koussa interviewed over Lockerbie” BBC
“Police investigating Lockerbie bombing meet Libyan defector” STV
“Scots police quiz Libyan defector over Lockerbie” Scotsman
“Police quiz key Libyan” Herald

“Libyan rebels deny offering Lockerbie compensation” Guardian
“New questions for Koussa” Herald
“Libya rebels ‘pressured into Lockerbie apology'” Guardian

Following posted on 5.4.11

“Scottish authorities to discuss Lockerbie with Moussa Koussa” Guardian
“Lockerbie lawyer meets Libyan rebels over ‘evidence’ of Gaddafi involvement” Guardian
“Scots police to question Koussa about Lockerbie” Herald
“Koussa ‘encouraged’ to speak on Lockerbie” Scotsman

Following posted on 4.4.11

“Prosecutors seek Lockerbie talks with Gaddafi aide” BBC
“Scots legal eagle to quiz Gaddafi‘s spy chief Musa Kusa over Lockerbie” Daily Record
“Lockerbie: You must charge them all” Express
“Cops hunt down the Lockerbie six” Scottish Sun
“Libya: police to meet Foreign Office officials over defector’s Lockerbie links” Telegraph
“Scottish police to meet Foreign Office tomorrow over access to Koussa” Herald
“Gaddafi henchman ‘ready to tell all’ about Lockerbie” Herald
“Koussa key to Lockerbie” Herald
“Lockerbie: is the truth in sight?” Herald
“Moral maze” Scotsman
“Scots police to meet Foreign Office over Libyan defector” Scotsman
“‘Koussa told me Lockerbie wasn’t Libya’s fault’ – Dalyell” Scotsman
“Why our ‘defector’ may not be quite what he seems” Scotsman
“Libyan ‘defector’ said Pan Am 103 event ‘was none of my doing’” The Firm Magazine

“Gaddafi’s ‘envoy of death’ Musa Kusa holds key to solving Lockerbie atrocity mysteries, say Scots prosecutors” Daily Record
“Scottish prosecutors to interview defecting Libyan foreign minister over Lockerbie bomb” Daily Record
“Lockerbie bombing prosecutors target Libyan defector Moussa Koussa” Guardian
“Moussa Koussa could know truth about Lockerbie bombing, say campaigners” Guardian
“Tell us the secrets of Lockerbie” Herald
“Relatives of Lockerbie victims split over defector” Herald
“When demands of justice and realpolitik collide” Independent
“Koussa could hold key to unanswered Lockerbie questions” Scotsman
“Defector ‘can tell the West how and why’ on Lockerbie” Scotsman
“Libyan defector could face Lockerbie charge” Express
“UK Government urged to hold Libyan defector accountable for Lockerbie” STV
“Scots want to interview former Libyan foreign minister over Lockerbie” STV
“Libyan foreign minister wanted for questioning over Lockerbie bomb” Caledonian Mercury
“Libya: Moussa Koussa, the intelligence chief who was an enemy of the West and then its friend” Telegraph
“Libya: dilemma over defector’s ‘electrifying’ Lockerbie information” Telegraph
“Defector Kusa faces grilling on Lockerbie” Press and Journal

Following posted on 28.2.11

“Megrahi threat to reveal truth over Lockerbie” Herald
“Source links regime with outrage” Herald
“Lockerbie: ‘Get me home or I’ll reveal all’ Megrahi told Gaddafi” Scotsman
“Revealed: The truth behind Pan Am 103” Express
“Megrahi threatened to reveal Gaddafi’s role in Lockerbie bombing unless he was released, it is claimed” Telegraph
“‘The Great Dictator’ – Dr Jim Swire on Gadaffi and misinformation” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 24.2.11

“Gaddafi ordered Lockerbie bombing – ex–minister” Guardian
“Gaddafi ‘ordered Lockerbie bombing’” Herald
“Unnerving fallout for Scotland from Libya’s crisis” Scotsman
“Lockerbie: Gaddafi was to blame all along” Scotsman
“Libyan former Minister: Gaddafi ordered Lockerbie bombing” STV
“Gaddafi ordered airline bombing” Scottish Sun
“Colonel Gaddafi ‘ordered Lockerbie bombing’” BBC

“Ministern: Jag såg djävulen i Khadaffi”

Press release

“Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa” COPFS

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