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Football, alcohol, violence and domestic abuse: Edinburgh teams

2011 April 5
by Mary Munro


“Bigotry ‘not unique to the Old Firm’” Scotsman

Following posted on 21.3.11

“Old Firm fans praised after Rangers beat Celtic” BBC
“Old Firm players praised over final conduct” Herald
“Maximum hate crime jail term to be five years” Scotsman
“Old Firm fans play the game at Hampden Park” Scotsman
“Roots of Old Firm violence run deep” Scotsman
“Celtic and Rangers: across Scotland’s sectarian divide” Guardian
“Sectarian ‘keyboard warriors’ facing five years in jail” Daily Record
“Angiolini weighs in on football fracas” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 16.3.11

“Old Firm players and staff are not above the law, warns Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini” Daily Record
“Footballers face arrest over bad conduct, warns Lord Advocate” Herald
“Law chief warning to Old Firm” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 14.3.11

“Six–point plan agreed to tackle Old Firm–related violence” Courier
“Police call for alcohol ban around Old Firm fixtures” Herald
“Revealed: full scale of Old Firm football ‘madness’” Telegraph
“It’s time to stop playing politics with anti–sectarian summits” Caledonian Mercury
“Sectarianism? It’s all the fault of the SNP” Newsnet Scotland
“Violence and abuse soar as Old Firm derbies blight weekends” Daily Record
“So much in Glasgow has changed, but violence against women persists” Guardian
“Old Firm spike in crimes of violence” Scotsman
“‘Rampant opportunism’: Celtic director Brian Wilson attacks Old Firm summit” STV
“Touchline ban for bigotry” Scotsman

Following posted on 9.3.11

“Old Firm summit paves the way for new police blitz on bigoted thugs” Daily Record
“We’ll need new laws for Old Firm drinks ban” Evening Times
“Police in warning to warring Old Firm stars” Evening Times
“Police tell Old Firm stars: Behave in cup final or face arrest” Scotsman
“Can we really expect football clubs to control the levels of violence in Glasgow city centre?” Scotsman
“Old Firm’s plan for blitz on thugs who shame football” Express
“Police tell Old Firm players: Break the law and face arrest” STV
“Old Firm say ‘not our fault’” Scottish Sun
“Old Firm unite over anti–bigotry plan after summit” BBC
“Old Firm: Stars and bosses face arrest” Herald
“Old Firm summit sets out plans to tackle disorder” Herald
“Old Firm summit just the beginning” Herald
“Behave or you’ll be banned, Salmond warns violent fans” Press and Journal

Following posted on 8.3.11

“The politics of the Old Firm. The chief constable should be asked to stand up his claims” Scottish Review

“Opinion: the writer speaking out about Rangers fans” Caledonian Mercury
“Opinion: Old Firm acrimony is a game of two halves” Caledonian Mercury
“Government summit to discuss Old Firm ‘shame game’” BBC
“‘Old Firm’ faultline is once again a political football” BBC
“Old Firm to attend summit over violence” Press and Journal
“Government announces line–up for Old Firm talks” STV

Following posted on 7.3.11

“The media have a vested interest in the extreme behaviour they deplore” Scottish Review
“Police warn SPL over hate–filled songs at football games” Daily Record
“Call for new unit to tackle violence at Old Firm games” Daily Record
“Football violence: ‘Target the problem at the heart of ills’” Evening News
“It’s time to cure game of shame” Evening Times
“Divisions in Glasgow go well beyond football” Guardian
“Lay off the Old Firm, Mr Salmond – Glasgow has more ‘shameful’ problems” Guardian
“McLeish calls for Old Firm to act over game of shame” Herald
“‘Old Firm must end tensions’” Express
“Celtic vs Rangers: The Old Firm fury is best left alone, officer” Telegraph

Following posted on 4.3.11

“Old Firm fallout: Police chief vows ‘This madness cannot go on’” Daily Record
“First Minister Alex Salmond orders Old Firm to crisis talks after cup chaos” Daily Record
“‘Play Old Firm games behind closed doors’” Evening Times
“Celtic–Rangers clash: Salmond calls in football and police chiefs” Guardian
“Call for Old Firm alcohol ban after cup mayhem” Herald
“Old Firm disgrace batters Scotland’s reputation” Scotsman
“Society’s ills played out on field of hate” Scotsman
“The lawyer: ‘Impact of Old Firm game ripples far from the stadium’” Scotsman
“Salmond announces top level summit after the ‘disgraceful’ scenes at Old Firm game” Express
“40million reasons to end shame” Scottish Sun
“Top’level summit arranged after Old Firm ‘shame game’” BBC
“Salmond condemns Old Firm clashes” BBC

“Famine Song to Dallasgate” Scottish Review

“Scottish press stays silent as Rangers fans sing sectarian songs” Guardian

Following posted on 3.3.11

“Old Firm: police to crack down on alcohol–fuelled violence” STV
“Don’t blame football for Old Firm booze, blame the booze” Daily Record

Following posted on 28.2.11

“Police call for an end to Old Firm derbies in bid to end bloody mayhem” Daily Record
“Police call for a ban on Old Firm clashes” Herald
“Call for Old Firm matches ban by police officers’ leader” STV

Following posted on 22.2.10

“The cost of the Old Firm: By 6pm every cell in Glasgow was full” Daily Record
“Old Firm domestic abuse arrests” BBC

Following posted on 11.1.10

“Shame of Old Firm bullies as domestic violence rates soar on match day” Daily Record

Following posted on12.05.09

“Surge in Old Firm domestic violence” Scotsman
“Abuse rise after last Old Firm clash” Herald
“Crime blitz after Old Firm tie” Evening Times
“Fall in Old Firm–linked violence” BBC
“Just another night of Old Firm carnage” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 7.05.09

“Old Firm link to rise in male domestic abuse” Herald
“Abused men who suffer in silence need help”Herald
“Old Firm domestic abuse warning” BBC
“Extra police officers to tackle Old Firm violent crime rise” STV

Following posted on 23.03.09

“Domestic violence surges after Old Firm games, police reveal” Herald
“Domestic abuse up 88% after Old Firm clash” Press and Journal
“Old Firm violence link revealed” BBC
“Domestic violence spikes after Old Firm matches” STV

Following posted on 11.02.08

“Big match fuelled domestic abuse” Scotsman
“Football defeat to blame for abuse rise” Sunday Herald
“Abuse numbers rose on Euro night” BBC
“Domestic Violence Rise After Scotland Loss To Italy” Daily Record

Press releases

“Funding to tackle bigotry” Scot.Gov. (March 2011)
“Joint statement on Scottish football” Scot.Gov. (March 2011)
“Against a culture of violence” Scot.Gov. (March 2011)

See also

Scottish Parliament Official Report 3.3.11: Annabel Goldie: On Saturday, in the Parliament building, I and many women from all over Scotland will celebrate international women’s day, which is an occasion that is filled with pleasure and pride. For some women in Scotland, other occasions, which should be filled with pleasure and pride, can instead be the dark prelude to a night of fear and violence. I am talking about the surge in domestic abuse after high–profile football matches. Strathclyde Police has reported that the old firm clash the weekend before last resulted in nearly double the number of incidents of domestic abuse, compared with the average Sunday. What the effect of last night’s disgraceful scenes will be, I dread to think. It is regrettably the case that alcohol plays a part in domestic abuse, but that can never be the excuse for such behaviour. Will the First Minister agree that the connection between football and escalating domestic abuse is repugnant, disgraceful and utterly unacceptable?

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