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Crimestoppers calls to be handled from English base

2011 April 4
by Mary Munro


“Crimestoppers close Scots HQ and divert all tip–offs to Surrey” Daily Record

Following posted on 15.4.05

“Blow to hotline as tip-off arrests fall “ Evening News

Following posted on 26.11.04

“Crime fighting first” Dumfries News
“Crimestoppers launch local campaign” Galloway News

Following posted on 21.9.04

“First class plan to fight crime” BBC
“City crime line’s calls rocket 72%” Evening Times
“Why criminals don’t stand a chance in the North-East” Press and Journal

Following posted on 15.3.04

“Crime line goes round the clock” BBC
“Cabs hail crime line” Evening News
“Crimestoppers helpline to run round-the-clock” Scotsman

Following posted on 22.1.04

“Crime line rings up record calls” BBC

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