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Scottish prison population projections: 2019–20 data published

2011 March 8
by Mary Munro


“Accommodation crisis looms in Scottish jails” Herald

Following posted on 26.1.10

“SNP defends plan to scrap short jail sentences” Press and Journal
“Crime ‘‘at a 30-year low’ – but prison population to hit 10,000 in a decade” Scotsman
“New con numbers to soar” Scottish Sun
“Scotland’s prison population projected to hit 10,000” BBC

Following posted on 24.11.08

“Jail numbers to hit 10,000” Evening News
“Call for more prisons as number of inmates soars” Herald
“Prison population to reach almost 10,000 in a decade” Press and Journal
“Warning over rising jail numbers” BBC
“Scottish prison population ‘will continue to grow faster’”

Following posted on 12.11.07

“Scots prison population to be 8500 in 10 years” Herald
“Jail ‘will cope with numbers rise'” Courier

Following posted on 13.11.06

“Record 7320 prisoners are in Scots jails “ Herald
“Five new jails needed for over 9,000 prisoners” Scotsman
“The cost of being crowded out by prisoners” Scotsman. Comment by Andrew McClellan, Chief Inspector of Prisons.

Following posted on 28.11.05

“Jail population to rocket over next ten years “ Evening News

Following posted on 29.11.04

“Prison number could reach 10,000” BBC
“Scots jails are ‘heading for overload’ “ Evening News
“Jail population could near 10,000 in the next decade “ Scotsman
“Scotland’s prison figures set to top Europe rates” Times

Press releases

“Scottish prison population projections: 2010–11 to 2019–20” Scot.Gov. (March 2011)
“Prison projections ‘not unexpected’” Scot.Gov.(January 2010)
“Prison projection statistics” Scot.Gov. (November 2008)

“Record Prison Numbers Threaten Security” SNP(November 2006)
“Cutting crime the key to cutting prison numbers” Scottish Conservatives (November 2006)
“Prison Population Projections, Scotland, 2006-2007 to 2015-2016” SPS (November 2006)

“Moves to handle rising prison population” Scot. Exec. (November 2004)

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