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Reliance to lose SPS escort contract to G4S: new contractor may be prosecuted for refugee death

2011 March 17
by Mary Munro


“Jimmy Mubenga: security firm G4S may face charges over death” Guardian

Following posted on 15.3.11

“Reliance loses prisoners” Herald
“Reliance loses its £126m contract for prisoner transport” Express
“Reliance to lose prisoner transfer contract in Scotland” STV
“Reliance set to lose Scottish prisoner contract to G4S” BBC
“G4S wins prisoner transfer contract” Law Society Journal Online
“Error–prone security company Reliance to lose contract for ferrying prisoners between courts & jails” Daily Record

Following posted on 10.03.08

“Details of Reliance’s prisoner transfer contract made public” Herald
“Prison contract could be worth £21m to Reliance” Press and Journal

Following posted on 20.11.07

“Reliance payouts skewed, says expert “
“Reliance deal ‘may cost millions more” Scotsman

Following posted on 6.9.07

“Lawyers call for action on Reliance” Evening Times
“Court transport failings revealed” BBC
“Prisons report praises Reliance” STV
“‘Lax’ court security putting public at risk” Herald
“Movement of prisoners poses ‘risk of escape’” Evening News
“Delays ‘endemic’ in prisoner transfers – report” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 27.03.07

“Time for transparency on Reliance’s prisoner–escort service” Scotsman. Article by Professor Sheila Bird.
“Reliance charge for transporting prisoners set to increase by £47m” Scotsman

Following posted on 12.01.07

“Reliance to capture more taxpayers’ cash” Scotsman
“Privatising jail escorts ‘frees up 300 police’” Scotsman
“Report reveals success of Reliance contract” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 21.08.06

“Reliance whistleblower: long shifts and ‘risk-taking’ is jeopardising public safety” Sunday Herald

Following posted on 19.07.06

“Reliance prisoner escort role doubts” The Courier

Following posted on 30.05.06

“Even the criminal fraternity rely on this escort service” Scotsman

Following posted on 24.5.06

“Antiquated court buildings ‘putting security staff and public in danger'” Scotsman
“Security review of courts ordered” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 22.5.06

“Reliance takes bailed prisoners back to jail” Herald
“Under–fire security firm Reliance returns freed prisoners to jail” Evening News

Following posted on 10.5.06

“Real story shows Reliance success” Evening News. Article by Simon Marshall, director of operation (UK) for Reliance.

Following posted on 2.5.06

“Judge in threat to jail failing Reliance staff” Scotsman
“Judge’s warning to prison company” BBC
“Prison escort firm warned staff face jail for blunders” Evening News

Following posted on 17.3.06

“Reliance boss gets summons” Daily Record 17.3.06
“Judge orders Reliance chief to appear over delay” Scotsman
“Reliance says bad weather to blame for trial delay” Evening News

Following posted on 6.3.06

“Courts braced for chaos after Reliance staff strike threat” Scotsman

Following posted on 9.1.06

“Reliance custodial services bosses get final warning” Sunday Mail 8.1.06

Following posted on 30.12.05

“Reliance staff working ‘dangerously’ long shifts” Scotsman
“‘Danger’ claim from Reliance staff hours” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 26.9.05

“Prisoner escorts to be spared inspections until 2006 “ Scotsman 17.9.05

Following posted on 12.9.05

“Reliance looses two more bosses” Sunday Mail 11.9.05
“Bosses make great escape” Sunday Mail 10.7.05

Following posted on 20.7.05

“Jails watchdog investigate prisoner escort firm” Scotsman

Following posted on 21.6.05

“Reliance escort deal could cost taxpayer more” Scotsman
“Prisons watchdog urged to launch inquiry” Scotsman 20.6.5
“Reliance escort deal could cost taxpayer more” Scotsman
“Prisons watchdog urged to launch inquiry” Scotsman 20.6.5

Following posted on 15.6.05

“Police and prison officers wrongly free 23 prisoners” Evening Times
“Angry reaction to prison mistakes report “ Scottish TV

Following posted on 14.6.05

“Prisoner blame shifts from Reliance” Herald
“Study examines prisoner releases” BBC

Following posted on 20.12.04

“‘Reliance’ under the spotlight again” Grampian TV

Following posted on 14.12.04

“Reliance own up to latest court bungle “ Courier
“Reliance apologises to judge over new bungle” Herald
“Judge criticises short–staffed Reliance “ Scotsman

Following posted on 3.12.04

“Reliance performance ‘improving'” BBC
“Justice at last, claims Reliance, as crime pays for security firm “ Scotsman
“Reliance takes over local court transport duties” Buchan Observer 26.11.04

Following posted on 25.11.04

“Watchdog attacks Reliance veto clause” Herald
“Secrets remain over Reliance’s SPS deal” Scotsman
“Jail chiefs under fire for Reliance secrecy” Evening Times
“‘Secret’ prison deal criticised “ BBC
“Reliance asked to publish details of prison contract “ Scottish TV
“Chief slams secrecy over Reliance deal “ Evening News

Following posted on 16.11.04

“Reliance contract extended across Scotland “ Scottish TV
“Reliance take over in north today “ Grampian TV
“Reliance to take over escort duties in every part of Scotland” Press and Journal
“Reliance to expand prisoner escort service “ Grampian TV
“Reliance ready to move into Tayside prisons “ Courier

Following posted on 5.11.04

“Sheriff warns Reliance bosses to clean up act” Evening Times
“Sheriffs’ warnings to Reliance over court lapses” Herald

Following posted on 3.11.04

“Reliance ‘not ready’ to take over escort duties” Evening Express

Following posted on 29.10.04

“Reliance shadow prison officers” Buchan Observer

Following posted on 27.10.04

“MSPs doubt Reliance savings” Grampian TV
“MSPs query saving from Reliance jail escort services” Scotsman

Followng posted on 22.10.04

“Sheriff’s threat to Reliance” Daily Record
“Reliance has no right to catch escapees “ Scotsman
“We cannot costs with this vital service” Evening Express

Following posted on 21.10.04.

“Reliance get go–ahead at city courts “ Evening News
“Reliance’s bid to escape its past” Evening News
“Taking no prisoners “ Evening News. Leader.
“New courts work for security firm” BBC

Following posted on 6.10.04.

“More shadowing for Reliance staff” BBC
“Reliance set to shadow police and court staff in Lothian and Borders “ Scotsman
“Reliance in shadowing of city staff “ Evening News

Following posted on 4.10.04.

“Reliance court short as half of jobs unfilled “ Scotland on Sunday
“Security firm Reliance understaffed “ Scottish TV
“Reliance 200 mile trek for 40 yard escort” Sunday Mail

Following posted on 30.9.04.

“Watchdog gives Reliance verdict” BBC
“Reliance was worst for security, yet still it was awarded contract “ Scotsman
“Prisoners row firm came last in ranking” Herald
“Report clears Scottish Prison Service “ Scottish TV
“Reliance was chosen ‘in spite of weaker bid’ “ Evening News
“Guard firm was told to expect extra prisoners” Evening Times
“Delay to prisoner escort expansion” Courier 1.10.04.

Following posted on 31.8.04.

“Anger as security guard shortage delays trial” Scotsman
“Reliance vows to act on staff problems” Evening Times

Following posted on 17.8.04

“Reliance broadens prisoner escort services with £126m contract” Scotsman
“Fears as Reliance heads for Lothian” Evening News 17.8.4.

Following posted on 13.8.04

“Prison firm slated over ‘ridiculous’ journeys” Falkirk Today

Following posted on 5.8.04.

“Reliance court roll–out continues” BBC
“Reliance given added duties “ Scotsman
“New jail role for under–fire Reliance” Evening Times
“Reliance installs webcams” Scotsman
“Neds framed” Sunday Mail 1.8.04.

Following posted on 26.7.04.

“Prisoner escort firm ‘failed to put police back on the beat’” Herald
“Reliance Cops pledge broken: Police still stuck at court” Daily Record
“Reliance police pledge is dismissed” Evening Times 26.7.04.

Following posted on 23.7.04

“Go–ahead boost for Reliance” Evening Times 22.7.04.
“Reliance set to take on more prison work” Scotsman
“Reliance set for duties in Tayside “ Courier
“Reliance gets new Tayside, Fife date” Evening Telegraph
“Green light for Reliance contract” BBC
“Security firm, Reliance, to guard prisoners in Dumfries and Galloway “ Scottish TV
“Reliance contract a ‘reckless move’” Courier
“Jamieson puts more prisoners in hands of Reliance” Herald
“Reliance contract extended”
“Controversial Scottish jail escort service expanding” Times
“Row erupts as Reliance jail deal extended” Evening News 19.7.04.
“Second prison contract for Reliance” Evening Times 19.7.04.

Following posted on 9.6.04

“Justice minister is ‘staying put’”BBC
“Prisoner release numbers revealed” BBC
“Scottish Prison Service criticised by MSPs” Scottish TV
“Jamieson rules out resigning” Courier
“The buck stops nowhere in Reliance fiasco” Scotsman
“Reliance ‘not given full statistics on prisoners’” Herald
“Another release would not make minister resign” Times
“Double crisis for under–fire justice minister” Evening Times 9.6.4.

Following posted on 8.6.04

“Reliance questions for minister” BBC

Following posted on 3.6.04

“Cops in cowboy blast at Reliance” a href=”” title=”Daily Record”>Daily Record

Following posted on 31.5.04

“Decision to use private security right – Vine” Courier
“Reliance gets most court duties ‘by August'” Scotland on Sunday

Following posted on 28.5.04

“Reliance and executive at odds over roll–out of escort contract” Herald
“Reliance chief jumps the gun on contract” Scotsman
“Reliance expects go–ahead in weeks to extend operations across Scotland” Scotsman
“Reliance try to pass the buck over bungles” Daily Record
“Security fims says it expects to win Scotland–wide prison escort contract” Scottish TV
“Reliance voices contract hopes” BBC
“Boss claims bungling jail security firm ‘here to stay’” Evening Times

Following posted on 25.5.04

“Security firm in duff cuffs scandal” Daily Record

Following posted on 24.5.04

“Exposed – Executive’s secret reliance contract” Daily Record 22.5.4
“The X X–files” Daily Record 22.5.4.
“Give them the sack, says Nats” Daily Record 22.5.4.
“Reliance attacks contract leak” Scotland on Sunday
“Leak row over Reliance contract” BBC
“Claims of £20,000 penalty for each escaped prisoner “ Scottish TV
“Reliance fined £20,000 for each missing prisoner” Herald

Following posted on 21.5.04

” Call to speed up probe into Reliance deal” Evening Times
“‘Reliance’ contract details made public “ Grampian TV
“Security firm contract made public” Scottish TV
“MSPs still in dark on fines for Reliance “ Courier
“X marks parts missing from Reliance deal” Scotsman
“Numbers just don’t add up” Scotsman. Analysis.
“Outcry after cash details of Reliance deal kept secret” Herald
“Come clean on Reliance” Herald Editorial
“X-factors in the contract that keep public in dark over cash” Herald
“Vital details left out of prisoner escort contract” Times
“Reliance pay fixed fines for foul–ups” Daily Record

Following posted on 20.5.04

“Prison chiefs to reveal details of Reliance security contract “ Scottish TV
“Prisoner contract details due” BBC
“Reveal cost of release blunders, says SNP” Herald

Following posted on 19.5.04

“Security company says more prisoners have escaped from police than from Reliance” Scottish TV
“Reliance branded ‘Keystone Cops’” Courier
“Reliance under fire again as seventh prisoner goes free” Scotsman
“New Reliance row as blunder frees another prisoner” Herald
“Call for Jamieson’s head as Reliance lets another prisoner slip” Herald
“Another prisoner freed by mistake” Times
“Yet another Scottish prisoner is released by mistake” Independent
“Security firm in new blunder “ Guardian
“Reliance makes new prisoner error” BBC
“Warrant issued for escaped prisoner” Scottish TV
“Reliance in further release blunder” Grampian TV
“Prisoner No 7 freed by Reliance “ Evening News
“Reliance let another prisoner walk free” Evening Times

“Deadline set on Reliance contract”BBC

Following posted on 11.5.04

“Deadline set to publish Reliance contract” Courier
“Justice minister ordered to publish Reliance contract” Scottish TV
“Reliance warning” Daily Record
“Jamieson told to reveal Reliance contract” Scotsman
“Watchdog demands Reliance details” Herald
“Jamieson must tell all over firm’s jail escorts deal” Times

Following posted on 7.5.04

“Reliance faces no financial penalty for mistaken release of killer” Scotsman
“McConnell on the rack over Reliance deal” Herald
“Shut that door” Daily Record
“McConnell urged to axe contract” BBC
“McConnell told to end Reliance contract” Evening Times
“Shape up, security firm is warned” Courier
“Prison service ‘predicted Reliance release errors’” Scotsman
“SNP invokes information law on Reliance deal” Herald
“Sixth jail error keeps Jamieson on the run” Times
“Jamieson urged to quit over release” Daily Record

Following posted on 5.5.04

“Prisoner releases ‘a minor issue’ BBC
“Pressure mounts on Justice Minister” Grampian TV
“Justice minister faces calls to resign” Scottish TV
“Ex–prisons chief backs Jamieson” Evening News
“Ex prisons boss backs minister in Reliance row” Evening Times
“Prisoner release mistake probed” BBC
“Justice Minister faces calls to resign” Scottish TV
“Security firm accidentally release another prisoner” Scottish TV
“Sixth inmate wrongly released by Reliance” Scotsman
“Another man freed from court in error” Herald
“Another prisoner released in error” Times

Following posted on 27.4.04

“Reliance gets £22m subsidy” Scotsman

Following posted on 26.4.04

“Pressure grows on jails chief for Reliance inquiry” Scotsman
“Training course for custody guards questioned by senior police” Scotsman
“Reliance recruit blows whistle” Sunday Mail
“Under–qualified and out of her depth, but who will we get if Cathy goes home?” Scotland on Sunday
“Courting trouble” Scotland on Sunday
“Teenage murderer surrenders” Scotsman
“Return to court for killer freed in error” Herald
“Scotland is a safer place now fugitive is back behind bars” Daily Record
“Missing court youth arrested” BBC

Following posted on 23.4.04

“Private escorts ‘risking safety’” BBC
“First Minister says controversial security firm will be forced to deliver” Scottish TV
“256 prisoners flee from police in just one year” Scotsman
“Prisoner escorts policy ‘will not change’” Times
“Renewed demands for Jamieson to quit” Evening News 22.4.04.
“Prisoner freed in blunder hits out at Reliance” Evening Times 22.4.04.

Following posted on 22.4.04

“Prison Escort Firm ‘seriously underestimated’ challenge” Grampian TV
“Justice minister says security company will get no more work until it can prove competence” Scottish TV
“Reliance deal is in jeopardy” Daily Record
“Cathy places too much reliance on clap–trap” Scotsman Parliamentary Sketch
“Jamieson shrugs off fury over court row” Scotsman
“Minister refuses to quit over Reliance” Herald
“Jamieson puts brakes on Reliance’s prisons deal” Times

Following posted on 21.4.04.

“Escort firm ‘underestimated’ task” BBC
“Security firm’s extended role is put on hold” Evening Times
“Escort firm cleared over release” BBC
“Justice minister expected to give security company one last chance” Scottish TV
“Court blunder statement expected” BBC
“Prisoner transfer chaos has justice minister on the run” Scotsman
“Pressure on Jamieson as fifth prisoner slips away” Times
“Another Reliance prisoner freed in error” Herald
“Justice Minister to make statement to parliament” Scottish TV

Following posted on 20.4.04

“Confidentiality row clouds ministerial statement on Reliance” Herald
“McConnell ‘united’ with Jamieson” BBC
“Reliance fiasco: sheriffs threaten court boycott” Scotsman 17.4.04
“Reliance lost prisoner toll rises” Times
“Justice minister prepares to face parliament over escape of convicted murderer as his ex–girlfriend is arrested” Sunday Herald
“Summit on Reliance as courts face strike” Sunday Mail
“Pressure on Jamieson over court security” Scotsman
“Demand for inquiry as new court blunder frees another prisoner” Scotland on Sunday
“Second prisoner freed ‘in error’” BBC

Following posted on 16.4.04

“Reliance affair not an open and shut case”Scotsman
“Justice minister goes to see private security firm at work” Scottish TV
“Reliance gaffe as minister visits” Herald
“Justice Minister: ‘I’ll bang heads together’” Daily Record

Following posted on 15.4.04

“Justice minister urged to release details of court security contract” Scottish TV
“Nats want Reliance answers” Daily Record
“Reliance in new row over contract ‘gag’” Herald
“McConnell backs under–fire minister” Times

Following posted on 14.4.04

“Jamieson wins top–level support” BBC
“Record Investigation: Which Way to Court. Reliance workers ask for directions from cons” Daily Record
“Courts crisis: Police step in” Daily Record
“Reliance staff on trial as case backlog grows” Scotsman
“Sheriffs’ dossier damns Reliance: Herald
“Courting disaster” Herald Features
“Business as usual with old hands on the case” Herald

Following posted on 13.4.04

“Escort boss ‘sorry’ over escape” BBC
“Court officials prepare for problems” Scottish TV
“Boss says sorry for letting killer go” Evening News
“A service to rely on” Evening News Leader
“Blunder security bosses warned on £11m contract” Evening Times
“Boss says ‘sorry’ for mistake” Evening Times
“We must sort out this court shambles before another killer is freed” Evening Times Features
“Probation for prison escort firm”BBC
“Extra security staff after court blunder” Scottish TV
“Prisoner transfer plans on hold after escapes” Scotsman
“Suspected drug maker among those freed by mistake” Herald
“Minister puts brake on jail escort firm after blunders” Times
“Prisoner escort service suspended” Telegraph
“Crisis talks over jail release blunders” Evening Times

Following posted on 12.4.04

“£50,000 penalty for firm which freed killer” Scotland on Sunday
“Case of trial and error” Scotsman
“Replacing police officers with security guards is a privatisation too far” Scotsman Opinion
“Criminal past of Guard” Sunday Mail
“The Reliance Fiasco: Get Back Here Now” Sunday Mail
“Pressure mounts on Jamieson over ‘chaos’ in courts: Resignation calls after private firm blunder lets killer escape” Sunday Herald
“Release blunders prompt prisons summit” Herald
“Murderer ‘enjoys a holiday’ as prison shambles grows” Observer
“Security firm lets two more suspects walk free” Times
“More suspects released in courtroom blunder” Guardian

Following posted on 9.4.04

“Killer on the loose after wrong inmate freed” Scotsman
“Killer is freed by security firm’s blunder” Herald
“Probe into murderer release error” BBC
“Clueless guards free killer. Blunders throw courts into chaos” Daily Record
“Scots murderer freed by mistake” Times
“Murderer flees in blunder by new prison escort guards” Telegraph
“Killer freed in jail escort blunder” Guardian

Following posted on 15.10.03

“SNP attacks ‘creeping privatisation’ in prison escort proposal” Herald archive 16 Oct. 03
“Private company wins prison escorts contract” The Scotsman

Following posted on 4.11.03

“Private firm to escort prisoners” BBC
“Concern over private prison transport moves” Scottish TV
“Court escort deal to free up police” Courier
“Prisoner escort to be privatised” Scotsman
“Prison Deal Condemned” Daily Record
“Private deal that puts bobbies back on beat” Evening News

Press releases

“Report on prisoners under escort” Scot. Gov. (September 2007)
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“Scottish Prison Service custody contract” Audit Scotland (September 2004)
“Prisoner Escort contract with Reliance” Scot. Exec. (May 2004)
“New prison escorting arrangments” Scot. Exec. (April 2004)

See also

HMIP (2007) The Conditions and Treatment of Prisoners Under Escort
Justice 2 Committee Legacy Paper (March 2007)
Prisoner Escort and Court Custody Services – Post Implementation Review (December 2006)
Scottish Parliament Justice Committee Briefing paper: Prisoner Escort in Scotland in 2004/05 and in 2005/06: actual versus projected cost, Reliance’s actual and hidden monthly performance outcomes
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SPS Prisoner Escort and Court Custody Services Contract (3.11.03) | Amendments (April 2004)
Reliance performance statistics (from SPS web site)
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