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Sustainable Policing Project Phase 2 Report on police restructuring published

2011 March 22
by Mary Munro


“Report says single police force would save £153m” Scotsman
“Report ‘boosts case for single Scottish police force’” STV
“Attack on ‘very sketchy’ report into single police force” Press and Journal
“Report backs plans for single force in Scotland” Press and Journal

“Grampian police authority split over single force issue” Press and Journal
“MacAskill meets Grampian Police chief over future of eight forces” Press and Journal
“Anger at ‘disgraceful bit of consultation’ on police force merger” Courier
“MacAskill accuses MSPs of ‘scaremongering’ over single police force” Press and Journal
“MacAskill: officers to stay but forces cut” Herald
“SNP MSP opposes single police force” Press and Journal

Following posted on 21.2.11

“Northern Constabulary ‘worth defending’ chief says” BBC

Following posted on 18.2.11

“Society needs more power to control our police” Scotsman
“National force would make no difference to police on Arran” Herald

Following posted on 16.2.11

“Police officers reject single force proposal” Herald
“Single force ‘would raise Scots voice on EU law enforcement’” Scotsman
“Police officers vote against single national force in Scotland” STV
“Northern officers united against single national police force” Press and Journal

Following posted on 14.2.11

“Single police force could cost lives on mountains” Herald
“Top officer calls for single Scottish police force” STV
“Strathclyde Police boss calls for single Scottish force” BBC
“Police merger plan under fire” Press and Journal
“Police priority is to provide ‘better service’” Press and Journal

“Single ‘blue light’ service may be a reform too far” Scotsman
“‘Single police force may save £197m but it’s too dangerous’” Scotsman

“Six of the best – key principles for Scotland’s future policing unveiled” Scotsman

“Iain Smith MSP criticises plans for single police force” Courier

Following posted on 14.1.11

“A national police force? Move along please” Guardian

“Kenny MacAskill’s cop–out over police reform” Daily Record
“Warning police shake–up threatens regional focus” Evening News
“Salmond accused of dodging single police force issue” Herald
“Making the police fit for service” Herald

Following posted on 13.1.11

“Chief constable says retention of community–based policing is ‘vital’” Courier
“Scottish police savings must not take ‘bobbies off beat’” Courier
“MacAskill begins moves to single Scottish police force” Evening News
“MacAskill: There is a strong case for national police force” Herald
“Decision ‘made already’ on single Scots police force and fire service” Scotsman
“It may be national body but our officers must remain local” Scotsman
“MacAskill puts off decision on future of police” Express
“MacAskill proposes single national forces for police and fire services” STV
“We’re on course for joint force” STV
“Public consultation announced on future of police and fire services” Law Society Journal Online
“Joined–up thinking posted missing — for police, fire and everything” Caledonian Mercury
“Scottish police force merger plan outlined” BBC
“May the force be with you” BBC
“Chiefs say ‘not a shred of evidence’” Press and Journal
“Forces not with you, police warn MacAskill” Press and Journal

Following posted on 12.1.11

“Scottish police force merger plan expected” BBC

“Police chief backs single Scottish force” Scotsman
“Merger will cost police their jobs, says chief” Press and Journal

Following posted on 7.1.11

“Police merger offers an opportunity for reform” Scotsman
“Warning over new police force” Scotsman
“Merger looms for police forces in Scotland” Scotland on Sunday

“Police board chiefs repeat opposition to single force” Press and Journal

“Stance by police chief on merger is backed” Press and Journal

Following posted on 30.11.10

“Proposal for single Scottish police force is challenged” Herald
“Senior officer rejects option for single force” Press and Journal

Following posted on 30.11.10

:Merging police into single force gains further backing” Herald
“Police chiefs backing single Scottish force” Scotsman
“Warning over loss of high–ranking Northern officers” BBC
“Chief constable: cut number of police forces in half” Scotsman

Press release

“Scottish policing report” Scot.Gov. (March 2011)
“Police reform debate” Scot.Gov. (February 2011)
“Police and fire reform” Scot. Gov. (February 2011)
“Reform of police and fire services” Scot.Gov. (January 2011)

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