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SNP knife crime policy criticised by Gray at First Minister’s questions

2011 February 28
by Mary Munro

“Can Iain Gray solve Labour’s three–pipe problem on mandatory sentencing?” Telegraph
“Gray calls for knife crime clampdown” Scotsman
“Call for action on knife crime” BBC
“Call for tougher action on knife crime” Scotsman
“Deaths of Dale Bennett and Reamonn Gormley prompt calls for action against knife crime” STV

“Number of knife murders in west of Scotland soars” Herald

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Scottish Parliament Official Report 24.2.11: Iain Gray: The First Minister and I agree that we need tough action on airguns, yet the toll of knife crime is even greater, and the power to act already lies with us. In 2008, I asked the First Minister to act, but he would not agree. In 2009 I asked him to act, but he would not agree. In 2010, I brought legislation on knife crime to the chamber, but the First Minister voted it down. Labour’s knife crime petition has collected 30,000 signatures of support and, last weekend, an Edinburgh mother collected 2,000 signatures on her petition in only two days. Why does the First Minister refuse to listen to those people?


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