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Sentencing Council cost reduction planning underway: May earliest for commencement

2011 February 7
by Mary Munro


Comments made in response to Richard Baker’s PQ below. MM

Following posted on 06.07.10

“Scots sentencing councils aims to foster consistency and boost public confidence” Scotsman

Following posted on 12.12.08

“Plan for new court sentencing body opposed by judges” Herald
“Leave the sentencing to us, High Court judges tell ministers” Scotsman
“Judges condemn sentence guidance” BBC
“Concern over proposed Sentencing Council” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 02.12.08

“Sentencing is too important for our judges” Herald. Letter from Professor Anthony Duff, University of Stirling.

Following posted on 02.09.08

“Judges to get new sentence power” Herald
“Sentences handed down could differ north and south of border” Herald
“Call to link sentence guidelines to prison population” Scotsman
“Views sought on Scottish Sentencing Council”
“Public may get say on court sentencing policy” Evening Times
“Public to get say on sentences” Press and Journal
“Government publishes sentencing proposals” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 25.08.08

“Commission plan to end inconsistent sentencing” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 9.7.08

“Inside the courts: Putting inconsistent sentencing in the dock” The Scotsman

Following posted on 30.11.06

“Guiding hand: sentencing guidelines are back on the agenda following the final report of the Sentencing Commission, but the author has doubts as to what they can achieve” Law Society Journal Online. Article by Sheriff Andrew Lothian.

Press releases

“New system of sentencing guidelines” Scot.Gov.
“Sentencing Council a distraction from the real problems of soft touch Scotland” Scottish Conservatives
“Brown attacks SNP sentencing spin” Scottish Liberal Democrats

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