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Megrahi: O’Donnell report update; Wikileaks.

2011 February 21
by Mary Munro


“Parliament urged to undertake ‘immediate investigation’ into Lord Advocate’s ‘misinformation’ and ‘serious flaws’ in advice to Government” The Firm Magazine
“Could forgotten papers hold Lockerbie clue?” Express

Following posted on 18.2.11

“SCCRC clear the way for resurrection of Megrahi’s dropped appeal” The Firm Magazine
“Fingerprints …” The Firm Magazine

“Megrahi at centre of transfer deal mystery” Scotsman
“Blair’s desert deal with Libya broke UN resolution on Lockerbie bomber” Scotsman
“The al–Megrahi Release: Britain, Libya, Scotland and Doing Business” Gerry Hassan
“Kenny MacAskill: I stand by Lockerbie decision” Newsnet Scotland
“‘SNP talked of deal for Megrahi'” Scotsman

Following posted on 14.2.11

“Lockerbie row escalates after amnesia accusations” Herald
“Full details of Megrahi appeal case promised” Herald
“Lockerbie report must go public” Herald
“Many shades of Gray as Megrahi row hypocrisy emerges” Scotsman
“Megrahi Files: Jim Murphy knew about secret Libya letter” Newsnet Scotland
“Revealed: the fatal flaw that will go on obscuring thetruth about Lockerbie” Scottish Review

Following posted on 9.2.11

“Lockerbie report: Senators press Cameron for inquiry” Guardian
“Cameron rejects US calls for fresh Lockerbie probe” Herald
“Truth lies hidden beneath the blather about Megrahi” Herald
“Megrahi affair leaves all parties tarnished” Scotsman
“SNP were ready to trade Lockerbie bomber for slopping out deal, says ex Blair adviser” Scotsman
“David Cameron again dismisses US demands for an inquiry” Scotsman
“John McTernan: A deal, by any definition, was done” Scotsman
“Who will win the Lockerbie election battle?” Telegraph
“Lockerbie ministers ‘must testify in the US’” Telegraph
“Megrahi revelations show, yet again, that Gordon Brown just didn’t get devolution” Caledonian Mercury
“The media wagons have circled to protect Labour but questions remain for Gray and Baker” Newsnet Scotland
“Holyrood ‘vindicated’ over Megrahi release” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 8.2.11

“Official report: Labour oiled the wheels of Lockerbie bomber release deal” Daily Record
“Gus O’Donnell pleases all parties on Lockerbie bomber” Guardian
“Labour’s help in Lockerbie bomber case was profoundly wrong, says Cameron” Guardian
“Labour government did ‘all it could to secure release of Lockerbie bomber’” Guardian
“Brown accused of hypocrisy over Megrahi release” Herald
“This controversy will only die when Megrahi does” Herald
“Megrahi questions still unanswered” Herald
“Labour did ‘all it could’ to secure release of Megrahi” Independent
“The new gold standard: Don’t blame us, guv, we weren’t even there” Independent
“Questions conveniently overlooked” Independent
“Trade with Libya at the heart of Labour double standards” Scotsman
“Labour ‘hypocrisy’ over Lockerbie is laid bare” Scotsman
“PM slams Megrahi release but refuses a fresh inquiry” Express
“Fresh US calls for Lockerbie release probe” STV
“Labour Government accused of ‘organised hypocrisy’ over Lockerbie release” STV
“Lockerbie report: Alex Salmond was right to give Labour both barrels” Telegraph
“Lockerbie documents: Labour ‘did all it could’ to secure bomber’s release” Telegraph
“Labour reeling: last ditch smear attempt fails as Megrahi files finally vindicate SNP” Newsnet Scotland
“Labour’s game plan to free Lockerbie bomber revealed as documents show politicians ‘did all they could’ to secure release
Daily Mail
“UK ministers ‘wanted Lockerbie bomber released’” BBC
“Two–faced on Lockerbie?” BBC
“Pressure and policy” BBC
“Salmond attacks ‘hypocritical’ Labour over Lockerbie” BBC
“We’ve been vindicated on Megrahi – Salmond” Press and Journal

Following posted on 7.2.11

“UK ministers ‘wanted Lockerbie bomber released’” BBC
“Time to lay Megrahi conspiracies to rest” Scotsman
“‘Ministers sought deal on powers in return for Lockerbie bomber release’” Scotsman
“Ministers met Libyan officials to discuss Megrahi” Scotsman
“Whitehall told: Do all you can to help free Megrahi” Herald

Following posted on 2.2.11

“For the truth to be revealed, the SNP government needs only four weeks” Scottish Review
“Lockerbie bomber Wikileaks cable is ‘wrong’ says Aex Salmond “ Daily Record
“Labour ‘misled public on Megrahi release’” Herald
“So many questions still unanswered on Megrahi” Herald
“Megrahi papers to be revealed” Press and Journal
“Secret papers on Lockerbie bomber to be made public” Scotsman
“Lockerbie: Leaked US memo told of Labour minister’s letter to Tripoli” Scotsman
“WikiLeaks: Libyans met minister days before bomber’s cancer was confirmed” Telegraph
“Lockerbie: Wikileaks ‘vindicates’ us, says MacAskill” BBC

Following posted on 1.2.11

“WikiLeaks: Britain secretly advised Libya how to secure release of Lockerbie bomber” Telegraph
“WikiLeaks: How Libya trade fears forced British ministers to back release of Lockerbie bomber” Telegraph
“WikiLeaks revelations put David Cameron on the spot” Telegraph
“David Cameron should publish WikiLeaks’ Lockerbie papers” Telegraph
“UK ‘advised Libya how to free Lockerbie bomber’” Independent
“UK and Scotland gave secret advice over Megrahi release” Scotsman
“Minister ‘advised Libya over Megrahi release’” STV
“UK ‘advised Libya on release of Megrahi’” Herald
“Minister ‘advised Libya on Megrahi’” Press and Journal

Following posted on 31.1.11

“Ten years of injustice” The Lockerbie Case (Robert Black QC)

Following posted on 27.1.11

“Alex Salmond dismisses Lockerbie bomber release ‘deal’ report “ Daily Record
“New claim on Megrahi ‘balderdash’ says First Minister” Scotsman
“‘Drugs would have kept bomber alive in Scottish prison’” Express
“Freedom ‘trickery’ over bomber” Scottish Sun

“Slop this nonsense” Scottish Sun
“Lockerbie bomber: drugs ‘could have given Megrahi 19 more months’” Telegraph

“Lockerbie inquiry petition is ‘kept alive’” Press and Journal
“Lockerbie inquiry petition ‘remains open’” BBC
“Lockerbie bomber inquiry rejected” Scotsman

“Government received 10,000 letters following decision to release Lockerbie bomber” STV
“Lockerbie bomber’s release sparked flood of letters” Press and Journal

Press release

“Lockerbie documents” Scot.Gov.

See also

Scottish Parliament FMQs 10.2.11 Annabel Goldie: The former United Kingdom Secretary of State for Justice, Jack Straw, claims that Kenny MacAskill tried to do a deal linking progress on airguns and slopping out with moves that could have paved the way for Mr al–Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, to return to Libya. Did Kenny MacAskill act alone or was the First Minister complicit with him in trying to cut that odious deal?
Cabinet Office 7.2.11: Cabinet Secretary’s review of Megrahi papers
Scottish Government 7.2.11: Documents released on February 7, 2011
Scottish Parliament Petition 1370: Dr Jim Swire, Professor Robert Black QC, Mr Robert Forrester, Father Patrick Keegans and Mr Iain McKie on behalf of ‘Justice for Megrahi’ calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to open an independent inquiry into the 2001 Kamp van Zeist conviction of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 in December 1988.

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