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Unease over tone of Scottish Labour Party justice policy reported: Scotsman leader critical

2011 February 22
by Mary Munro


“Spinning of crime figures shows Labour guilty of sharp practice” Scotsman
“Smart attacks ‘silly’ Labour knives policy” Law Society Journal Online
“‘Right wing’ justice policy of Scottish Labour slammed” Edinburgh News

“Tories bluff on crime and the causes of crime” The Sun

Following posted on 29.9.10

“Ed Miliband contradicts Iain Gray on sentencing” Telegraph

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“But when Ken Clarke says we need to look at short sentences in prison because of high re–offending rates, I’m not going to say he’s soft on crime. When Theresa May says we should review stop and search laws to prevent excessive use of state power, I’m not going to say she is soft on terrorism.”
Speech to Labour Party conference 28. 9.10 by Ed Miliband

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