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Alcohol and homicide in Strathclyde: violence and home drinking parties

2011 February 28
by Mary Munro


“Number of knife murders in west of Scotland soars” Herald

Following posted on 15.11.10

“How alcohol is fuelling a new wave of murder” Herald

Following posted on 9.6.10

“Police chief backs minimum pricing for alcohol” STV
“Police tell MSPs to tackle drink–fuelled violence” Telegraph
“We are dying for a drink” Evening Times

Following posted on 8.6.10

“Police chief blames alcohol for 14 murders in 10 weeks” Herald
“Time for action on alcohol abuse” Herald
“A toll of violence fuelled by cheap alcohol” Herald

“Wider action needed to tackle alcohol crisis” Scotsman
“40p a unit alcohol ‘not enough’ says expert”

Following posted on 6.10.09

“Police chief: drinking in pubs helps cut violence”Herald

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