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Aitken resigns from Justice Committee following rape victimisation and prostitution comments

2011 February 24
by Mary Munro


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Following posted on 23.2.11

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“Fury as Tory MSP asks: was rape victim a prostitute?” Sunday Herald 14.2.11
“Alex Salmond lambasts Scottish MSP over rape comments” New Statesman

S3M–7974 Patrick Harvie: Unacceptable Comments by the Convener of the Justice Committee – That the Parliament condemns the attitude that it considers was shown by Bill Aitken MSP on the subject of rape during a recent interview with the Sunday Herald newspaper; considers that Mr Aitken’s reported comments during the interview betray a disregard for the seriousness of rape and imply support for the view that a victim can be held responsible for this most vicious crime; believes that this view, though disturbingly widespread, is rooted in misogyny and ignorance; considers these comments to be incompatible with the role of Convener of the Justice Committee; believes that the Parliament’s credibility to deal proactively with issues of sexual violence would be undermined if the proximity of dissolution resulted in failure to hold Mr Aitken to account for what it considers these odious and shocking comments, and calls for Mr Aitken’s immediate resignation.

Supported by: Shirley-Anne Somerville*, Johann Lamont*, Robin Harper*, Christina McKelvie*“Full transcript of Bill Aitken’s interview” Herald

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