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US senators publish critical report on Megrahi release

2011 January 3
by Mary Munro

“The justification of abuse: A special essay on the true meaning of separation of powers, and the posturing of the Scottish Government in relation to the possible miscarriage in the Megrahi case, authored by Robert Forrester and Professor Robert Black QC” The Firm Magazine (January 2011)
“Cart before the horse” The Firm Magazine
“Letter from Dr Jim Swire” The Firm Magazine

“US senators claim Lockerbie bomber’s diagnosis was ‘manipulated’” Courier
“Lockerbie: Report by senators is rejected by the SNP” Herald
“Fresh Megrahi fury on anniversary of Lockerbie disaster” Herald
“US senators demand al Megrahi goes back to prison” Press and Journal
“Lockerbie bomber’s family set to appeal” Express
“‘Bonkers’ US claim on bomber” Scottish Sun
“This Lockerbie bomber nonsense shows US senators have lost the plot” Telegraph
“‘Commercial warfare’ used to free Lockerbie bomber” Telegraph
“Lockerbie – Scottish government remembers victims and lambasts latest ‘inaccurate re–hashed claims’” Newsnet Scotland
“US Senator Robert Menendez: Megrahi ‘released under false pretences’” BBC
“US Lockerbie report: Scotland pressured to free Megrahi” BBC
“US senators claim Scotland pressured to release Megrahi” Scotsman

“Scots Law faces some serious charges” Scotsman

Press releases

“Menendez report: Lockerbie bomber’s release from prison not medically justified, was influenced by threat of commercial warfare” Senator Menendez’s site. Contains link to Justice Undone: The Release of the Lockerbie bomber report. Neither the press release nor the report are on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee site at the time of posting.
“Al Megrahi” Scot.Gov. (Dec. 2010)

See also

US Foreign Relations Committee hearings page: the Al-Megrahi release. Testimony presented.

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