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NEDS: a selection of articles on Peter Mullan’s latest film

2011 January 24
by Mary Munro

“Security hired to curb cinema chaos after hooligans wreck screenings of Neds” Daily Record

“GFT Programme note on NEDS” GFT
“Mullan talks tough in defence of Neds” Express
“On a razor’s edge: Neds portrays 70s Glasgow in one light, but what was it really like?” Scotsman
“Neds on Neds” Scottish Sun
“Rebel yell of lost youth” Herald
“Locking up knife neds doesn’t work says Peter Mullan” Scotsman
“How director Peter Mullan kept it real for Glasgow gang drama Neds” Guardian
“Peter Mullan reflects on NEDs” Mirror
“Why it’s wrong to portray today’s lost generation as simple hoods” Belfast Telegraph

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