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Jury service upper age limit abolished

2011 January 10
by Mary Munro

“Increase in Scots jury duty age limit welcomed” Courier

“Ministers lift ‘outdated and ageist’ ban on over–65s serving on juries” Scotsman
“Over–65s become eligible for jury service” STV
“‘Ageist’ jury duty limit scrapped” BBC

Following posted 10.1.10

Two more papers relating to jury reform were published by the Scottish Government in December 2009 – see below.

Following posted 11.5.09

“Scotland’s unique 15–strong juries will not be abolished” Scotsman

Following posted 02.2.09

“Plan to raise age limit of jurors to 70 wins support” Press and Journal

Following posted 19.1.09

“Police call to scrap the right to trial by jury” Sunday Herald
“Police call for an end to trial by jury in complex cases” Herald

Following posted 23.9.08

“Bar on over–65s for jury duty is an injustice” Scotsman. Article by Helena Scott, head of policy and research at Age Concern Scotland.

Following posted 19.9.08

“Juries face axe under radical court reforms” The Scotsman
“Jury service age limit could be raised to 70” Press and Journal
“Reforms to jury system” Holyrood
“Jury age limit ‘could be raised'” BBC

Following posted 18.9.08

“Plan to raise jury duty age limit to 70” The Herald

Following posted 28.4.08

“MacAskill looks into cutting jury sizes” Evening News
“Number of jurors could be cut from 15 following consultation, says MacAskill” Herald
“Jury sizes could be cut after public consultation” Press and Journal
“Review could reduce jury numbers” BBC
“Cutting jury numbers to 11 could put more money in the bank” Firm Magazine

Following posted 22.8.07

“Age review could allow pensioners to sit on juries” Herald
“Solution for jury shortages” Herald
“McLetchie says it’s time for jury service ban on pensioners to be lifted” Scotsman
“Jury service ‘needs the over-65s'” BBC
“Raise age limit for jury service, says MSP” Law Society Journal Online

Press releases

“Jury duty opened to senior citizens” Scot.Gov. (2011)

“Proposals launched to review jury system” Scottish Government (2008)

See also

Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 ss93-96 on Jury Service
The Modern Scottish Jury in Criminal Trials (September 2008)
Scottish Government (January 2009) The Modern Scottish Jury in Criminal Trials – Consultation Responses (January 2009)
The Modern Scottish Jury in Criminal Trials: Analysis of Written Consultation Responses (January 2009)
The Modern Scottish Jury in Criminal Trials – Next Steps (December 2009)
Substitute Juror Working Group – Final Report (December 2009)

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