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Consultation on public services, identity management and privacy: responses published

2011 January 3
by Mary Munro

Draft Identity Management and Privacy Principles – Scottish Government Response to the Public Consultation (December 2010)
Identity Management and Privacy Principles

Privacy and Public Confidence in Scottish Public Services: draft Identity Management and Privacy Principles (August 2009)

“People want to know that public authorities and other organisations respect their privacy and recognise the harm which may be done if personal information is collected or held unnecessarily, or lost or misused. These draft Principles have therefore been developed by the Scottish Government for policy makers and practitioners in public service organisation, to help ensure that respect for privacy is central to the way public services prove identity or entitlement. They will also help public service organisations to comply with data protection and human rights legislation. That legislation governs personal information management by providing privacy protection. These draft Principles will enable public organisations to build on these requirements and to achieve best practice.”

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