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Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 comes into force

2010 December 2
by Mary Munro


“New laws define consent to sex and male rape offences” Press and Journal
“Sex laws come into force today” Law Society Journal Online
“New sex offence laws now in force in Scotland” BBC

Following posted on 12.10.10

The Scottish Government has published guidance to the legislation (see below).

Following posted on 27.9.10

“Sex offences reform flawed” Scotsman

Following posted on 12.9.09

“Anger as radical reform of rape laws delayed by a year” Herald

Following posted on 16.7.09

“Sex crimes law gets go–ahead” Scotsman
“New sex crimes law gets Royal Assent” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 11.6.09

“Holyrood passes landmark legislation on rape and sexual assault” Herald
“MSPs back landmark reform of sex crime law” Scotsman
“Rape law ‘step in right direction’” BBC Video reaction from Kate Caskie, Victim Support Scotland.
“MSPs pass major sex crime reforms” BBC
“MSPs back new raft of sex offences laws” STV
“Pledge to close rape law loopholes” Evening Telegraph
“Holyrood cracks down on sex crimes” Press and Journal

“Rape conviction rate – ‘postcode lottery’ claim” Courier

Following posted on 10.6.09

“MSPs move to close loophole in new rape bill” Herald
“Justice must not continue to fail the victims of rape” Scotsman
“If trials are theatre, rape cases must not become tragedies” Scotsman
“More rapists are found guilty – but convictions still lowest in Europe” Scotsman

“Rapist ‘get–out clause’ concern” BBC

“65 convictions out of 1500 rape reports” Evening News

Following posted on 29.5.09

“Labour attempts to remove ‘get-out’ clause in rape law” The Scotsman

Following posted on 31.03.09

“MSP calls for fear of prosecution to be lifted for participants in bondage” Herald
“MacAskill says no to legalising BDSM acts” Scotsman
“MSP drops law change plea over sex games” Herald
“MSP drops bid to legalise bondage sessions” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 18.03.09

“Tough stance on peeping toms” Courier
“Peeping toms face jail under tough, new laws” Daily Record
“Peeping Toms face jail under new law in Scotland” Herald
“Peeping Toms and flashers face tougher measures” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 13.02.09

“Sex reform laws pass key hurdle” BBC
“Teenagers face being nicked for nooky by the sex polis” Sunday Herald
“Sex reform laws pass key hurdle” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 11.02.09

“Ministers consider sex law change” BBC

Following posted on 19.01.09

“Don’t legalise oral sex for 13–year–olds say MSPs” Daily Record
“Caution urged over changes to sexual offences laws” Herald
“MSPs back plans to overhaul Scottish rape laws” Press and Journal
“Sex law supported despite worries” BBC
“Committee gives initial approval to Sexual Offences Bill” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 26.11.08

“Attitudes to rape ‘need change’” BBC
“Sex assault convictions as ‘good as anywhere’” Herald

Following posted on 19.11.08

“‘Ask juries why they don’t convict men of rape'” Scotsman

Following posted on 12.11.08

“Kirk says children should be consulted over sex laws” Herald
“Consult children on sex law call” BBC

Following posted on 10.11.08

“Consult eight-year-olds on sex law, says youth czar” Times

Following posted on 06.11.08

“Debate over sexual crimes by children” Herald

Following posted on 29.10.08

“New rape laws may make it harder to convict perpetrators, say campaigners” STV

Following posted on 07.10.08

“Underage intercourse . . part of growing up or sex crime?” Scotsman

Following posted on 03.10.08

“Children’s commissioner urges MSPs to shelve sex bill” Herald
“MSPs urged to shelve child sex laws” Press and Journal
“New law on teenage sex ‘will make criminals of young girls'” Scotsman
“Children’s watchdog calls for rethink over Bill” Times
“Children’s Commissioner warns new law could ‘criminalise’ teenage girls”
“Commissioner argues against underage sex provision” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 22.6.08

“Whistle and you could go to jail” Times

Following posted on 19.06.08

“Legal definition of rape will make idea of ‘consent’ clearer” Times
“Rape law reforms proposed”
“New rape definition to be unveiled” Press and Journal
“New proposals to end ‘unclear and outdated’ laws on rape” Scotsman
“Bid to strengthen sex crime laws” BBC
“Sex Tourists Targeted In Crackdown” Daily Record
“New legislation on sex offences brings a raft of changes” Herald
“New laws to target sex in e-mails” Scotsman
“Sex-offence bill will struggle to pass e-mail test” Scotsman
“Changes to rape laws introduced” STV
“Consent defined in Sexual Offences Bill” Law Society Journal Online

Press releases

“Sexual offence reforms take effect” Scot.Gov. (December 2010)
“Royal Assent for Sexual Offences Bill” Scot.Gov. (June 2009)
“Sexual Offences Bill” Scot.Gov.
“Justice Committee supports reform of sexual offences” Scottish Parliament
“Sexual Offences Bill: Children’s Commissioner warns of dangers of criminalising teenage girls” SCCYP
“Reform of law on rape and sexual offences” Scot.Gov.

See also

Guidance on the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 (published October 2010)
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Scottish Parliament Official Report 10.6.09: Sexual Offences (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3
Scottish Parliament Official Report 12.2.09. Sexual Offences (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1
Justice Committee Stage 1 Report on the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Bill
Justice Committee Official Report 25.11.08. Sexual Offences (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1
Justice Committee Official Report 18.11.08. Sexual Offences (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1
Justice Committee Official Report 11.11.08. Sexual Offences (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1
Justice Committee Official Report 4.11.08. Sexual Offences (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1
Sexual Offences (Scotland) Bill 2008

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