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Scottish draft budget: justice portfolio impact; Justice Committee scrutiny.

2010 December 2
by Mary Munro


“Pledge to maintain 1000 police officers ‘cosmetic’” Herald

Following posted on 19.11.10

“Public sector shake–up plans” Herald
“Wide–ranging examination of public services is welcome” Herald
“Radical thinking is needed on services” Herald
“Swinney delivers a Budget sidestep” Herald
“We should not cut the ties that bind us together” Scotsman
“Prisons: £100m fall in cash for new prisons” Scotsman
“Scottish Budget: Reaction” STV
“Statement from Jamie Millar following Scottish Budget” The Firm Magazine
“John Swinney, difficult choices and the art of budget politics” Caledonia Mercury
“Cuts and pay freeze unveiled in Scottish budget” BBC
“Scottish Budget breakdown: Justice Department” BBC

Press release

“Budget – justice” Scot.Gov.

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