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Megrahi: Wikileaks, US cables published; new commentary; imminent death report denied; appeal issues

2010 December 10
by Mary Munro


“SCCRC says it has to keep Megrahi papers confidential” Law Society Journal Online
“SCCRC disclosure of Megrahi case referral hamstrung by withheld consent” The Firm Magazine

“Lockerbie bomber Megrahi appeal case stays undisclosed” BBC

“WikiLeaks proves Scotland was right on Megrahi release” Herald
“WikiLeaks and Megrahi: the key points and questions” Caledonian Mercury

“Council rejects talk of Megrahi’s impending death” Herald
“Reports Megrahi close to death are unfounded, says Scots council” Press and Journal
“‘Megrahi near death’ claims are just unfounded rumours – Scots officials” Scotsman
“Lockerbie bomber: officials dismiss ‘close to death’ reports “ STV
“Bomber Megrahi ‘is ready for God’” Scottish Sun
“Lockerbie bomber is near death, say family as thousands of Libyans pray for Megrahi” Daily Mail

Following posted on 9.12.10

“Lockerbie bomber al–Megrahi ‘in a coma and days from death’” Daily Record

“WikiLeaks cables: Straw and Salmond reject Megrahi ‘diplomatic tittle tattle’” Guardian
“Families: Megrahi’s release a business deal” Scotsman
“WikiLeaks files are further proof of the ‘sham’ of the Lockerbie bomber’s release, says victim’s mother” Telegraph
“WikiLeaks: Lockerbie bomber was released even though ministers expected him to live for years” Telegraph
“Labour Agreed to help US Lobby Scottish Government over Megrahi” Newsnet
“American relatives of Lockerbie victims accuse UK of ‘caving in’ over release of Libyan bomber” Daily Mail

Following posted on 8.12.10

“Wikileaks: Thuggish Colonel Gaddafi threatened Britain over release of Lockerbie Bomber” Daily Record
“WikiLeaks: Jack Straw denies pressure from Libya led to Megrahi release” Guardian
“Lockerbie bomber: the view from Scotland” Guardian
“US embassy cables: Britain feared Libya would ‘cut us off at the knees’ if Megrahi was not released” Guardian
“US embassy cables: UK citizens at risk if Megrahi dies in prison, Libya warns” Guardian
“US embassy cables: US suspicion surrounds Tony Blair’s visit to Libya” Guardian
“US embassy cables: UK feared hero’s funeral for Megrahi” Guardian
“US embassy cables: Scottish government ‘shocked’ by Megrahi outcry” Guardian
“US embassy cables: US diplomats voice ‘strong concerns’ over Qatar’s role in Megrahi release” Guardian
“US embassy cables: Britain ‘between a rock and a hard place’ over Megrahi” Guardian
“WikiLeaks cables: Lockerbie bomber freed after Gaddafi’s ‘thuggish’ threats” Guardian
“Gaddafi ‘threatened Britain over Lockerbie bomber’” Independent
“Gaddafi ‘offered Scots treats’ to free Megrahi” Scotsman
“Libya’s ‘thuggish threat’ on bomber” Scottish Sun
“Political interference in ‘compassionate’ release laid bare” The Firm Magazine
“Wikileaks Cables: Megrahi Release Fully Supported By Labour Government” Newsnet
“Gaddafi threatened to cut British interests ‘off at the knees’ if Lockerbie bomber died in Scottish jail, WikiLeaks reveals” Daily Mail
“Wikileaks: UK ‘feared Megrahi prison death’” BBC
“Media reaction to WikiLeaks Megrahi cables” The Lockerbie Case (Robert Black)
“Americans even spun themselves on Lockerbie” Scotgoespop

Following posted on 6.12.10

“Bomber family to sue us” Scottish Sun
“Shamed again by bomber’s release” Scottish Sun
“Megrahi ‘neglect’ legal action threats ‘disgusting’” Courier
“We took good care of Megrahi, say ministers as family threaten to sue” Scotsman
“Lockerbie bomber ‘neglect’ compensation claim dismissed” BBC
“Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi set to sue Britain for millions over ‘wrongful imprisonment’” Daily Record
“Lockerbie bomber to sue over prison ‘neglect’” Independent
“Megrahi’s family to sue over ‘neglect’ in Scots jail, says Gaddafi” Scotsman
“Lockerbie bomber’s family ‘preparing to sue Britain’” Telegraph

“The Perception Filter” The Firm Magazine

“Wikileaks: Lockerbie bombing leak fears” Scotsman
“Wikileaks data contains ‘significant Lockerbie material’” The Firm Magazine
“US anger over Megrahi may have stopped McKinnon deal” Herald
“Wikileaks: Al–Megrahi move ‘saved UK trade from being cut off at the knees’” Scotsman

Following posted on 10.11.10

“Powerful Holyrood committee backs Lockerbie inquiry” Courier
“Media coverage of Justice for Megrahi petition hearing” The Lockerbie Case (Robert Black QC)
“Lockerbie bomber ‘ashamed’ by decision to drop appeal before release, claims campaigner” Daily Record
“Lockerbie bomber ‘ashamed’ at having dropped appeal” Press and Journal
“Megrahi ‘ashamed’ over appeal” Scotsman
“Campaigners present Lockerbie bomber inquiry case” BBC

Following posted on 9.11.10

“Fresh bid for inquiry into Lockerbie bombing conviction” STV
“Lockerbie bomber: Unseen evidence to be presented in bid to prove innocence” Express

Following posted on 2.11.10

“Al–Megrahi ‘pressured to abandon appeal’” Scotland On Sunday
“Government admits Megrahi always had 50/50 chance of living past three months” Herald
“Lockerbie bomber al–Megrahi outlives death date by a year” Daily Record

“Campaigner Jim Swire says new Lockerbie inquiry ‘long overdue’” Courier
“Cardinal backs call for independent inquiry into conviction of Megrahi” Herald
“Campaigners call for inquiry into Lockerbie conviction” STV

Following posted on 26.10.10

“Cardinal backs calls for Lockerbie bomber conviction inquiry” Scotsman
“Cardinal O’Brien backs calls for Lockerbie inquiry” STV
“Cardinal Keith O’Brien calls for Megrahi inquiry” BBC
“Ian Hamilton QC says Judges’ report into Megrahi conviction should be published” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 11.10.10

“Megrahi freedom hurt Scotland” Scottish Sun
“Lockerbie petition hit by technical glitch” Newsnet Scotland
“The Megrahi scandal” Scottish Review

Following posted on 11.10.10

“Fresh inquiry call into Lockerbie bomber’s conviction” Press and Journal
“Petition calls for Inquiry into Lockerbie Trial Verdict” Newsnet
“Tight deadline as Pan Am 103 Inquiry petition goes live” The Firm Magazine

Following posted on 8.10.10

“SNP accuse David Cameron of ‘interfering’ in Lockerbie release” Telegraph
“Cameron tells Scottish Government: ‘Compassionate release wrong and must not happen again’” Newsnet
“Exclusive: Justice for Megrahi campaign criticise ‘gaffe laden’ Cameron’s Megrahi reference in key speech” The Firm Magazine

“The Lockerbie Trial – Dr Jim Swire questions the guilty verdict” Newsnet

Following posted on 7.10.10

“MacAskill in the firing line over his decision to free al Megrahi” Herald
“‘Never again’: PM in scathing attack on Megrahi release” Express
“PM’s fury at Megrahi release” Scottish Sun
“Cameron uses conference speech to attack SNP over Lockerbie bomber” Caledonian Mercury
“Cameron: Lockerbie bomber release ‘lowered UK standing’” BBC

Following posted on 4.10.10

“Fury at claim Megrahi was given chemo in Scottish jail” Express
“Cancer experts brand Lockerbie bomber release ‘ridiculous’” Telegraph
“Labour urge US Senators to ‘join with us’ as both question Megrahi medical evidence” Newsnet
“Row sparks new Megrahi records call” Herald
“‘No record’ of BP Lockerbie bomber release link” BBC
“Relations ‘harmed’ over senate Lockerbie investigation” BBC

“Swire: Lockerbie Witness Knew of $2 million Payment for Conviction” Newsnet

Following posted on 27.9.10

“Libyan doctors hope to cure Lockerbie bomber” Express
“Doctors of Lockerbie bomber claim they are trying to cure his cancer” Daily Record
“Professor Black challenges Salmond on Pan Am 103 inquiry” Firm Magazine
“Foulkes accuses MSPs over new Megrahi probe” Scotsman
“Lockerbie row MSPs accused of being timid” Press and Journal

“Lockerbie father meets Megrahi” Press and Journal
“Victim’s father visits Lockerbie bomber Megrahi in hospital” Scotsman
“Jim Swire meets Lockerbie bomber Megrahi in Libya” BBC

“‘Amicable’ talks on bomber release” Press and Journal
“MacAskill set to face Lockerbie FBI chief” Scotsman
“US senate officials to meet with Government over Lockerbie bomber release” Daily Record
“Justice officials to meet US senate team over Lockerbie” BBC
“Salmond tells US: line drawn on Megrahi” Herald
“Megrahi release was so wrong, US diplomat tells Scots audience” Herald
“US ambassador hits back at cardinal over Megrahi release” Scotsman

“MSP steps up fight for Megrahi’s records” Press and Journal

Press releases

“Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission – Megrahi statement of reasons” COPFS (December 2010)
SCCRC Home page. Go to News and then choose relevant month/year to download press release .pdf

See also

Scottish Parliament Publlic Petitions Committee
Justice for Megrahi e–petition: Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to open an independent inquiry into the 2001 Kamp van Zeist conviction of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 in December 1988 (closing date 28.10.10)
US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
David Cameron 6.10.10: Together in the National Interest

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