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Margo MacDonald’s End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill rejected at Stage 1 debate

2010 December 2
by Mary Munro


“MSPs reject Bill legalising the right to die” Herald
“Assisted suicide Bill has opened debate on an important issue” Herald
“I’ll try again says Margo MacDonald as right–to–die bill is crushed” Scotsman
“Assisted suicide Bill defeated at Holyrood” STV
“Margo MacDonald’s End of Life Assistance Bill rejected” BBC
“MSP’s bill on assisted suicide is defeated” Press and Journal

Following posted on 22.1.10

“MSPs to have vote on assisted suicide bill” Courier
“Margo MacDonald launches bid to make Scotland first part of Britain to legalise assisted suicide” Daily Record
“Margo says 50 Scots a year would die under suicide law” Evening News
“Scottish committee to investigate legalising assisted suicide” Guardian
“Margo MacDonald launches Bill to legalise assisted suicide” Herald
“MSPs must think carefully on End of Life Bill issues” Herald
“Assisted suicide law the mark of a civilised, compassionate nation” Scotsman
“Right to die will cost £700” Express
“Right–to–die plans launched in Scotland” Telegraph
“MSP Margo MacDonald sets out proposals to legalise assisted suicide” Times
“MSP unveils right–to–die bill” BBC“Margo MacDonald launches assisted suicide bill” STV
“Assisted suicide bill published by MSP Margo MacDonald” BBC

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