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Identity cards: coverage 2010-07

2010 December 23
by Mary Munro

National identity card (Home Office)Update

“Scrapping ID cards is a momentous step” Guardian

Following posted on 31.5.10

“Identity cards scheme will be axed ‘within 100 days’” BBC
“ID cards scheme to be scrapped within 100 days” Guardian
“ID cards to be scrapped within 100 days” Telegraph

Following posted on 31.7.09

“No room for union flag as Alan Johnson unveils the British identity card” Guardian
“Identity crisis: Union Flag dropped from ID cards” Herald
“Johnson shows off new ID card – minus the flag” Independent
“Union jackass” Scottish Sun
“UK’s national ID card unveiled” BBC

Following posted on 1.7.09

“Passport details to be kept on ID register despite card U–turn” Guardian
“Johnson has his card marked by Brown” Guardian
“ID cards test Johnson’s political skills” Guardian
“Brown backpedals on spending and ID cards” Herald
“ID database will still be compulsory” Herald
“Last rites for ID cards read by Johnson” Independent
“Identity disorder” Independent
“Labour in retreat as ID card plan is axed” Scotsman
“Alan Johnson: ID cards ‘will never be compulsory’ for Britons” Times
“Climbdown on compulsory ID cards” BBC
“Home Secretary abandons compulsory ID cards” Telegraph
“Dramatic Labour U–turn by new Home Secretary means we will never have to carry ID cards” Daily Mail

Following posted on 16.6.09

“The Big Question: Is the writing on the wall for the Government’s ID card scheme?” Independent

“Abandon ID cards” Guardian. Abridged version of Lord Steyn’s speech.
“Law Lord says ID cards not required” Herald

“ID cards policy to continue, Alan Johnson says” Guardian

Following posted on 19.2.09

“LibDems warn of ID card legislation at Holyrood” Herald

Following posted on 16.02.09

“Scottish Ministers ‘completely opposed’ to ID cards” Herald
“Ewing brands ID plan ‘unacceptable threat’” Scotsman
“Ministers reject ID card roll–out” BBC
“ID cards an ‘unacceptable threat’ says Scottish Government”
“SNP denounces ID card scheme as unacceptable” Press and Journal

Following posted on 20.11.08

“Holyrood debates value of ID cards” STV
“ID debate farce as MSPs are posted missing” Evening Times

Following posted on 19.11.08

“Holyrood to vote against ID cards” BBC

From 18.11.08

“Pilots threaten to strike over ID cards” Independent

From 7.11.08

“Bill for ID cards rises by £50m as Home Office unveils pilot scheme” Guardian
“ID card scheme criticised as delays continue” Herald
“Your chance to be one of the first to carry an ID card” Independent
“People ‘can’t wait for ID cards'” BBC


“What a national ID scheme should do” Guardian

“ID card design revealed by home secretary” Guardian
“Boost to security, or threat to liberty?” Herald
“New ID card for foreign workers unveiled” Herald
“First sight of the ID cards that will soon be compulsory” Independent
“Smith dismisses ID card fingerprint problem” Independent

Following posted on 25.09.08

“Smith to unveil design for ID card” Independent
“Foreign national ID card unveiled” BBC

Following posted on 16.5.08

“ID cards may put poorer people at risk of fraud” Guardian

Following posted on 2.2.08

“Poll shows growing opposition to ID cards over data fears” Guardian

Following posted on 28.01.08

“ID cards may be issued by coercion, says leaked memo” Times
“Leaked memos reveal ‘confusing’ ID card plans” Telegraph
“Tory leaders in street protest at plan for ID cards” Herald
“Tories launch campaign against ‘ineffective’ ID cards” Scotsman
“MSP signs up for battle to stop ID cards” Evening News
“Our state collects more data than the Stasi ever did. We need to fight back” Guardian

Following posted on 24.01.08

“Companies abandon ID card project” Financial Times
“No student loan without ID card, says government” Guardian
“ID cards for student loans” Scotsman
“The great ID card rebellion” Guardian

Following posted on 23.01.08

“Whitehall eyes delay in ID card roll-out” Financial Times
“National ID cards scheme delayed until 2012” Telegraph
“ID cards for all hit by two-year delay” Mirror
“ID card scheme put off until after election” Guardian
“Britons’ ID cards ‘to be delayed'” BBC

Following posted on 21.01.08

“The national ID register will leak like a battered bucket” Guardian

Following posted on 16.01.08

“ID cards for foreigners within three years” Guardian
“New ID bill ‘several years’ away” BBC

Following posted on 10.01.08

“Brown cooling towards compulsory ID cards, MPs believe” Guardian
“Gordon Brown accused of ID cards retreat” Telegraph
“Brown gives himself ‘wriggle room’ on ID cards scheme” Independent

Following posted on 6.12.07

“Missing discs ‘hold witness protection scheme IDs'” Evening News
“Information chief calls for review of ID card plans” Guardian

Following posted on 03.12.07

“Poll shows more people now oppose ID cards” Telegraph
“Real root of a data disaster” Sunday Herald
“‘There is no longer any privacy'” BBC

Following posted on 27.11.07

“Data protection won’t help once all the data is gone” Guardian
“Security scandal hits plans for ID cards” Herald

Following posted on 26.11.07

“A mass movement is needed to tackle the state’s snoopers” Observer
“Government: the real identity thief” Sunday Herald
“Lost discs are last nail in the coffin of the ID card scheme” Sunday Herald

“MEPs hit back at ‘intimate’ Brussels census” EUObserver

Following posted on 22.11.07

“Who would trust Labour on ID card security?” Telegraph
“ID cards must be scrapped now, say MPs” Telegraph
“Watchdog lacks teeth to prosecute” Times
“They’ve got your number: State’s hunger for personal data raises security fears” Independent
“Crises of identity: why number of fraud cases is likely to rise” Herald
“Data fiasco forces ministers into ID cards review” Guardian
“Controlling Google and government” Guardian
“Hundreds of databases with personal details at risk – report” Guardian
“Their cards marked” Guardian
“Home Office insists biometric data is secure” Guardian
“Cameron calls for ID cards halt” BBC
“Chancellor holds line on ID cards” Financial Times

Following posted on 9.11.07

“Cost of ID card and passport rises to £100” Guardian
“Cost of biometric passport ‘over £100′” Independent
“Cost rise will price ID card at £100 each” Telegraph

Following posted on 05.11.07

“ID cards could be delayed as PM calls for review into technology” Guardian
“ID cards plan behind schedule and soaring in cost, say critics” Independent

Following posted on 4.6.07

“Brown under fire over secrecy on ID costs” Observer
“Brown warms to ID cards scheme” Financial Times 29.5.07

“ID card ‘police’ to levy £2,000 fines” Independent 20.5.07

Following posted on 23.5.07

“Discrimination fear over ID cards “ BBC

Following posted on 11.5.07

“Cost of national ID card scheme soars by £840m in six months” Guardian
“Claims of burying bad news as MPs hear of soaring cost of ID cards” Herald
“Reid accused of ‘burying bad news’ on release of ID card costs” Independent
“Identity cards cost soars past £5.3bn” Scotsman
“Ministers accused as ID costs surge” Financial Times
“Identity card bill reaches £5.75 billion – and rising” Times

Following posted on 21.2.07

“Blair defends police access to database for ID cards” Herald
“MPs attack plan to give police access to ID card database” Independent
“All ID cardholders could have fingerprints checked” Scotsman

“Passport interviews ‘next step to ID cards'” Scotland on Sunday 18.2.07
“Face-to-face interviews planned for all passport applications” Independent

“Iris scans dropped from ID card plans” Telegraph 22.1.07
“Critics hit out at ID cards as iris scan scheme is shelved” Evening News

“Ex-Home Secretary admits flawed focus on terrorism” 4.12.06

Following posted on 14.2.07

“Tories ask watchdog to vet ID card contracts” Financial Times

Following posted on 08.02.07

“Technology industry attacks Tories in ID card row” Financial Times

Following posted on 06.02.07

“Tories pledge to fight ID cards and longer detention without trial” Guardian
“Liberty is our best defence” Guardian. Article by David Davis, Shadow Home Secretary.
“Tories attempt to halt ID card plans” Herald
“Tories warn firms bidding for ID card scheme: ‘We will scrap the whole idea'” Independent
“Tories warn on ID card contracts” BBC
“Tories in warning to ID card project companies” Financial Times
“Tories pledge to scrap ID card scheme if they return to office” Telegraph

Press releases

“ID cards consigned to history by coalition government’s first Home Office bill” Home Office (December 210)

“Identity cards and National Identity Register to be scrapped” Home Office

“UK identity card image unveiled” Home Office (July 2009)
“Home Secretary affirms commitment to identity cards by accelerating rollout” Identity and Passport Service (July 2009)
“Opposition to ID cards” Scot.Gov. (February 09)
“ID cards are on time, and on budget” Home Office (November 2008)

“First ID card unveiled by Home Secretary as scheme builds momentum” Identity and Passport Service
“Liberty warns against expensive and unnecessary ID card scheme” Liberty
“Jacqui Smith bullying ‘soft targets’ to spin ID scheme” No2ID
“The Government must scrap the expensive ID cards project” Conservatives
“ID cards a ‘laminated poll tax'” Liberal Democrats

“Confidential details lost by Revenue and Customs” Information Commissioner
“Statement to the House of Commons by Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, MP, on HMRC” HM Treasury
“PM pledges action on data protection” PM’s office
“HMRC privacy meltdown: NO2ID calls for immediate audit of personal information held by government” No2ID

“ID Cards cost report shows ‘contempt for Parliament, contempt for the facts'” No2ID

“Conservatives formally pledge to cancel ID card scheme” Conservative Party
“Intellect criticises Conservative approach to ID card suppliers” Intellect

“New Powers To Capture Foreign Nationals’ Biometrics” Home Office 19.12.06

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