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Taxis and organised crime: MacAskill announces taxi accreditation scheme

2010 November 16
by Mary Munro


“Vetting scheme for taxi firms” Herald
“It’s a fare cop for taxi gangs” Express
“Crackdown on Scottish ‘gangster’ taxi firms” BBC
“Minister announces crackdown on taxi gangsters” STV

Following posted on 17.6.10

“Police in new bid to close crime–link taxi firm” Herald

Following posted on 18.3.10

“New licensing step is welcome in the fight against crime” Herald
“Cab licence granted in private” Herald

Following posted on 18.9.09

“MacAskill vows to clamp down on gangsters targeting taxi trade” Evening News
“Vow to protect taxi operators” Evening Times
“Scottish Government in pledge to clamp down on gangster taxi firms” Herald
“MacAskill pledges to drive ‘gangster’ taxi firms off the road” Scotsman
“Purge on taxi trade gangsters” Express
“Crackdown on taxi firm gangsters” BBC
“MacAskill pledge to tackle gangsters using taxi firms” STV

Following posted on 12.2.09

“Plan to tackle criminals’ hold on taxi firms” Herald
“Clampdown on rogue taxi businesses” Law Society Journal Online
“Organised crime targeted by taxi licensing change”
“New laws to stop criminal cab firms” Evening Times

Following posted on 13.8.08

“Over and out for taxi bandits” The Evening Times

Following posted on 16.7.07

“MacAskill meets cabbies amid fears over Glasgow gangsters” Evening News

Press releases

“Driving out the rogues” Scot.Gov. (November 2010)
“Tackling organised crime” Scot.Gov. (September 2009)

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