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Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA) annual report published

2010 November 2
by Mary Munro

“New figures show youth crime falling” Evening Times
“Children’s Hearings reach record high” Law Society Journal Online
“Shock rise in children facing charges over serious crimes” Evening News

“Record number of children’s hearings but formal referrals drop” Herald
“Vulnerable children” Herald
“One in 10 children in Glasgow is at risk from neglect, abuse or crime” Scotsman
“Child hearings reach record level” BBC
“Number of children’s hearings at record high” Evening Times
“Drop in number of children referred for hearings” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 3.12.07

“Why do we let children lead a dog’s life?” Sunday Herald

“Young Offenders a Concern” Evening Express 30.11.07

Following posted on 29.11.07

“Rise in cases referred to children’s reporter” Courier
“Record number of children highlighted as cause for concern” Herald
“Failing our children” Herald
“‘Bad parenting’ and sexual offences fuel record Children’s Reporter cases” Scotsman
“Learn from successes says Barnardo’s”
“Calls for a national standard for care of children” Herald
“Dundee children’s hearings up by 200” Evening Telegraph
“Fears as crisis kids hit record high levels in city” Evening Times
“Child referrals hit record level” BBC


“Child Reporter cases double” Evening News
“More parents abusing their children — report” Evening Telegraph
“Increase in youth crime in spite of action plan” Courier
“40,000 children in Scotland are in need of care” Courier
“Huge rise in troubled kid’s cases” Daily Record 17.11.06
“Young offender cases double in 10 years” Herald
“1 in 17 children referred to authorities” Scotsman
“Victims of the parenting crisis” Scotsman
“We can only make a difference if we intervene early enough” Scotsman. Article by George Anderson chair of the Children’s Panel Chairmen’s Group.
“Young offender figures ‘on rise’ “ BBC
“Rise in number of care children” BBC
“Rise in persistent young offenders despite pledge to tackle problem” STV
“Crisis kids hit record high in city” Evening Times
“Concern at youth offender rates” BBC

Following posted on 7.2.05

“Warning by experts on kids ‘born to fail'” Evening Times
“Growing menace of thieves and thugs “ Scotland on Sunday

Following posted on 4.2.05

“Born to fail: Executive under fire as youth crime hits an all-time high” Daily Record
“Blow for Labour as youth crime rises sharply” Herald
“An abuse of office” Herald
“Vulnerable victims of numbers game” Herald
“1 in 20 Scottish children is born to fail “ Scotsman
“The children without hope” Scotsman
“Record numbers sent to children’s panels” Times
“Holyrood clash over youth crime: Labour and the Scottish National Party have clashed over youth crime at First Minister’s Questions” BBC
“Scotland facing youth crime crisis” Scottish TV
Following posted on 3.2.05
“Executive’s clash with agency revealed” Herald
“Blizzard of free information that exposes ministers’ claims”

Following posted on 10.1.05

“Youth crime policy flagship in trouble” Herald
“Those moving targets” Herald
“Youth crime blitz fails to halt rise” Evening News

Press releases

“Overall referrals to the Reporter fall, but the number of children on Supervision rises” SCRA (2010). Links to reports are to be found at the end of the release.
“Number of referrals to Children’s Reporter falls for first time in seven years” SCRA (2008)
“More than 150 children are referred each day to the Children’s Reporter” SCRA (2007)
“Number of children referred to Reporter doubles in 10 years” SCRA (2006)
“Early intervention crucial in tackling crime” SCRA (2005)

See also

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Official Report 16.11.06: Nicola Sturgeon: . . draw to the First Minister’s attention the annual review of the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration, which was published this morning. It confirms that the First Minister has broken his pledge to cut the number of persistent young offenders. Can he explain why?

SCRA Annual Report 2003-4
Scottish Parliament Official Report: First Minister’s Questions 3.2.05.

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