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Mandatory minimum sentencing and firearm possession: trophy pistol. Custodial sentence overturned.

2010 November 19
by Mary Munro


“Gun granny who kept WWII pistol under mattress has five year sentence quashed” Daily Record
“Gran who kept wartime gun will not go back to prison” Express
“Grandmother’s WWII gun prison sentence quashed” BBC
“No prison term over ‘heirloom’ firearm” Herald

Following posted on 30.6.10

“Rough justice” Scottish Review

Following posted on 18.6.10

“Gran to appeal sentence for firearm” Courier

Following posted on 17.6.10

“Grandmother jailed over ‘trophy’ pistol “ Courier
“Grandmother, 53, jailed for five years for possessing a gun … her hero dad’s World War 2 pistol “ Daily Record
“Granny jailed for keeping war hero dad’s pistol at home” STV
“Grandmother jailed over WWII ‘family heirloom’ pistol” BBC

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