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Information Commissioner publishes updated ‘Surveillance Society’ report

2010 November 12
by Mary Munro


“Surveillance society soon a reality, report suggests” Guardian
“Surveillance state ‘more intrusive than ever’” Telegraph

Following posted on 8.10.07

“Nursery installs fingerprint scan” BBC
“From finger paints to fingerprints” STV
“Nursery School Installs Fingerprint Scanner” Daily Record 12.10.07
“Security at your fingertips” Courier

“UK 2017: under surveillance” Sunday Herald
“The watchers’ watchdog” Sunday Herald
“‘Kiddyprinting’ takes off in Scots schools” Sunday Herald

Following posted on 1.5.07

“Data tsar attacks surveillance UK” Observer
“Britain becoming a Big Brother society, says data watchdog” Independent
“Warning over ‘Big Brother society'” Herald

Following posted on 3.11.06

“Surveillance warning over ‘bigger brother'” Herald
“Britain is ‘surveillance society'” BBC
“Britain: the most spied on nation in the world” Telegraph
“Spy planes, clothes scanners and secret cameras: Britain’s surveillance future” Guardian

Press release

“UK Information Commissioner reports on the state of surveillance” Surveillance Studies Network (November 2010)

See also

UK Information Commissioner

‘A Surveillance Society’ report. Information Commissioner’s Office. November 2006.

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