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Proposed Criminal Sentencing (Equity Fines) Bill falls on devolution power ground

2010 October 4
by Mary Munro


“MSP urges action from Westminster on corporate crime penalties” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 23.2.10

“MSP wants guilty firms to face tougher penalties” Herald

Following posted on 26.8.08

“Call to base company fines for fatalities on share price” Herald

See also

Criminal Sentencing (Equity Fines) (Scotland) Bill – Justice Committee Bill page September 2010
Scottish Parliament: Criminal Sentencing (Equity Fines) Bill. Consultation. (July 2008)
To read the responses go to and scroll down to the Bill section.

The Justice Committee Official Report of its meeting on 28.9.10 was not online at the time of posting.

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