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Audit Scotland report on Scottish Police Services Authority (SPSA) published

2010 October 28
by Mary Munro

“Police body urged to act on ‘challenges’” Herald
“City forensic lab closure a risk to crime–solving, says financial watchdog” Press and Journal

Following posted on 14.12.09

“Questions over centralised body’s ability to deliver services for police” Herald

Following posted on 7.7.09

“Police efficiency body facing a £7m black hole” Herald
“Cash crisis for SPSA” Herald (editorial)

Following posted on 10.4.09

“Police chief ends legal battle over job with £90,000 deal” Herald
“Questions remain about role of police services body” Herald
“The issue of accountability goes to the heart of policing” Herald. Article by Professor Graeme Pearson, head of the unit for the study of serious and organised crime at Glasgow University, former director of the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency.
“Police body pays off chief with £90,000” Press and Journal
“Top cop in £90k axe deal” Sun
“Police chief leaves after dispute” BBC

Following posted on 09.02.09

“Troubled police body asks around 35 staff to apply for redundancy” Herald

Following posted on 06.02.09

“Chief inspector of police says, let me investigate SPSA”

Following posted on 29.01.09

“Discipline row police chief may be in line for six–figure pay–off” Herald
“Why chief is now force’s biggest threat” Herald

Following posted on 20.01.09

“Disciplinary action against police head will go to the Court of Session” Herald

Following posted on 12.01.09

“Suspended senior police officer will face disciplinary hearing” Herald
“Police boss fails to block own disciplinary hearing” Press and Journal

Following posted on 18.12.08

“Ministers back plan to sack police chief” Herald

Following posted on 17.12.08

“Police chief disciplinary hearing blocked by courts” Herald

Following posted on 15.12.08

“Bully row police chief faces sack in 48 hours” Sunday Mail

Following posted on 10.12.08

“Head of troubled police body may face hearing next week” Herald

Following posted on 09.12.08

“Top police manager stalls his conduct hearing” Herald
“Former head of BAE Systems is new convener of troubled SPSA” Herald

Following posted on 1.12.08

“Newly formed agency was ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’” Herald
“Control of top Scots crimefighting agency ‘may be taken from board’” Herald
“Autonomy is vital in the fight against crime” Herald

Following posted on 17.11.08

“Cost–cutting police agency blow £2m in public money” Sunday Mail

Following posted on 28.10.08

“Police chief appointed to board of services authority” Herald

Following posted on 15.08.08

“Holyrood accused of botched bid to avoid £3.5m tax “ Herald
“Row over £3m tax bill from transfer of police IT services” Scotsman

Following posted on 12.06.08

“Chief of fledgling police service admits there is poor team spirit” Herald

Following posted on 23.05.08

“Police savings body is handed £1.8m bill” Herald

Following posted on 11.04.08

“Police chief branded a ‘message boy’ for civil servants” Herald

Following posted on 07.04.08

“Scottish ‘FBI’ demands end to red tape” Scotsman

Following posted on 10.03.08

“Police row over move of systems” Evening Times
“Strathclyde Police says IT transfer is major risk”

Following posted on 19.02.08

“Strathclyde police yet to sign off on new forensic science unit” The Herald

Following posted on 14.02.08

“Police fears as agency to take over IT system” Herald
“New fingerprint agency ‘shambolic'” Scotsman

Following posted on 09.02.08

“Bid to gag police chiefs on ‘landgrab’ of powers”Herald
“Debate on policing” Herald
“Top cop slams plans for ‘super force'” Evening Times

Following posted on 08.02.08

“Call to switch key roles from police forces to new agency” Herald
“Centralised policing?” Herald
“Senior officers’ fears for overhaul of forces” Herald
“Kickstarting debate on the future of our policing” Herald. Article by Graeme Pearson, former director of the Scottish Crime and Drugs Enforcement Agency.

Following posted on 21.11.07

“Top civil servant ‘knew of VAT bill for police'” Herald

Following posted on 20.11.07

“Major VAT blunder at new police agency to cost £5m” Herald
“VAT bill for Scottish Police Services Authority” Law Society Journal Online

Press releases

“SPSA has improved some police support services but ICT remains a challenge” Ocotber 2010: Audit Scotland (page contains link to report)
“Staff at National Police Organisation have their Say” SPSA (October 2008)
“Scottish Police Services Authority” Scot.Gov. (October 2008)
“Scottish Police Services Authority” Scot.Gov. (December 2008)

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