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Offender learning and education: reports published: Lib Dem call for expanded take up

2010 August 3
by Mary Munro


“Call to boost numbers of prisoners studying while behind bars” STV
“Scottish prison education action call by Lib Dems” BBC

Following posted on 19.7.10

“Prisoners could be freed early if they take exams” Express

Following posted on 18.1.10

“Fifty per cent of male prisoners are illiterate” STV
“Male inmate illiteracy ‘shocking’ “ BBC

Press release

“Reducing crime through learning and skills” Scot.Gov. (July 2010)

See also

Offender Learning: Options for Improvement: The Scottish Government’s Response (July 2010)

Scottish Government (2010) Learning in Custody: Report of the Offender Learning in Custody Workstream
Scottish Government (2010): Offender Learning In Community Workstream Report
Scottish Government (2010): Offender Learning: Options for Improvement
Scottish Government (2010): Young Offender Learning and Skills Workstream Report | Executive Summary

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