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Megrahi release anniversary: comments

2010 August 25
by Mary Munro


“Salmond snubs Megrahi probe bid” Herald
“‘They killed me in prison a million times. So what more do they want?’” Scotsman
“Jail killed me” Scottish Sun
“Why was terrorist Talb cleared over Lockerbie?” Herald

Following posted on 22.8.10

“Lockerbie bomber: US calls for Megrahi to return to Scottish jail” Guardian
“We released Abdelbaset al–Megrahi in good faith, says Alex Salmond” Guardian
“Libya is urged to show restraint on Megrahi release anniversary” Herald
“US: Lockerbie bomber Al Megrahi should return to prison” Independent
“US senators in call for probe” Press and Journal
“Scotland itself is in the dock” Scotsman
“US turns up the heat over Megrahi as Scots turn against release decision” Scotsman
“Bomber marks big day watching TV and asking about Rangers” Express
“Majority of Scots now oppose Megrahi’s release” STV
“Lockerbie bombing: US calls for Megrahi to be returned to jail” Telegraph
“US claims ‘cloud of suspicion’ hangs over Lockerbie bomber release” Telegraph
“Alex Salmond: Compassion for al–Megrahi is justified” Telegraph
“US calls for Lockerbie bomber to return to jail” BBC
“‘Cloud of suspicion’ over Lockerbie bomber release” BBC

Following posted on 20.8.10

“Government’s plea to Libya over anniversary of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi’s release” Courier
“Britain warns Libya: Do not celebrate anniversary of Lockerbie bomber Megrahi’s release “ Daily Record
“Kenny MacAskill defends release of Al Megrahi” Evening News
“Lockerbie bombing ‘should be investigated by independent inquiry’” Guardian
“Lockerbie bomber: Britain warns Libya over celebrating anniversary” Guardian
“Call for public inquiry into bombing” Herald
“Libya is warned not to mark anniversary” Press and Journal
“The march of time reveals MacAskill’s feet of clay” Scotsman
“Freeing Megrahi ‘will cost SNP the election’” Scotsman
“MacAskill: Releasing Megrahi ‘hardest decision I’ve ever had to make’” STV
“Did Megrahi manipulate illness to win freedom?” STV
“Britain warns Libya not to celebrate anniversary of Lockerbie bomber’s release” Telegraph
“Don’t celebrate Lockerbie bomber’s release, Libya urged” BBC
“Americans unconvinced by Lockerbie explanations” BBC

Following posted on 19.8.10

“Salmond sticks up for compassion in justice” Scotsman
“The correct decision” Scottish Review If link superceded, please retrieve piece from SR archive.
“Abbott: releasing Megrahi was right” Herald

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