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Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act: royal assent

2010 August 9
by Mary Munro


The Act received royal assent on the 6th August 2010: see press release below.

Following posted on 6.7.10

“Jail is the only place for our callous scum” Evening News

Following posted on 5.7.10

“MacAskill guilty of criminal abdication of responsibility” Scotsman

Following posted on 1.7.10

“MacAskill criticised for ‘below the belt’ comments on knife crime by sister of Scots war hero stabbed to death” Daily Record
“Scots Tories’ hard line on crime cuts no ice with Cameron’s fluffy vision” Scotsman
“Three–month prison terms scrapped in bid to end ‘colleges for criminals’” Scotsman
“Holyrood votes to keep more crooks on the streets” Express
“MacAskill blocks tougher terms for knife yobs” Express
“Six–month minimum sentence for carrying a knife rejected” STV
“Sentence shake–up sparks fury” Scottish Sun
“David Cameron contradicts Annabel Goldie on short sentences” Telegraph
“MSPs pass crime Bill that will curb short sentences” Times
“MSPs back end to short jail terms in Scotland” BBC
“Short–term jail sentences are scrapped” Herald
“Shake–up heralds end of short jail sentences” Press and Journal
“Scottish Tory leader left red–faced” Press and Journal
“Jail terms for knife–carrying in Scotland rejected” BBC
“Holyrood passes Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 30.6.10

“MSPs to vote on plan to scrap three–month prison terms” Herald
“Annabel Goldie left red-faced by Kenneth Clarke’s opposition to short jail sentences” Telegraph
“MSPs asked to pass Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill” BBC

Press release

“Royal Assent for Justice Bill” Scot.Gov. (August 2010)
“Major justice reforms passed” Scot.Gov. (July 2010)
“Criminal Justice Bill” Scot.Gov. (June 2010)

See also

Scottish Parliament Official Report 30.6.10: Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3

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