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Prisoner rights appeal over recorded SPS message on call rejected (Potter)

2010 July 7
by Mary Munro


“Message to con … you lost “ Scottish Sun

Following posted on 22.8.07

“Judge ‘wrong to back inmate’ in human rights phone case” Scotsman
“Prisoner’s phone case overturned” BBC
“Prison phone decision overturned”STV
“Prisoner phone calls ruling premature, say judges” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 23.03.07

“Jail phone case appeal considered” BBC

Following posted on 21.03.07

“Outrage at ‘ludicrous’ rights for prisoners” Press and Journal
“Prison Inspector backs jail phone call decision” STV
“Jail messages before inmate calls ‘breach human rights’ “ Herald
“Judge backs armed robber in fight over jail phone message” Scotsman
“The law-abiding have rights, too” Scotsman
“Prisoner wins phone rights case” BBC
“Armed robber wins prison phone legal fight” STV
“Prisoner wins phone message case” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 9.02.07

“Convict takes Executive to court over ’embarrassing’ telephone warning” Scotsman
“Another human rights challenge for prison service” Law Society Journal Online

Press release

“MacAskill on Prisoner Phone Rights Case” SNP
“Phone system case makes Scotland a laughing stock” Scottish Conservatives

See also

Stuart Potter (AP) v Scottish Ministers
Potter v Scottish Ministers [2010] CSOH 85 (SHRLG commentary)

Potter: Opinion 2007CSIH67 21.8.07
Potter: Opinion 2007CSOH56
Official Report 22.307: Miss Goldie: I sincerely hope that at the top of the agenda for discussion when the First Minister and the Prime Minister next meet will be how the European convention on human rights has been incorporated into our law. . .

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