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Megrahi health: reported to be very ill

2010 July 14
by Mary Munro


“Megrahi is so ill he could die if he gets a cold” Herald
“Decision to release Megrahi was correct” Herald

Following posted on 9.7.10

“MacAskill faces US probe over Megrahi” Express
“US senators in protest letter over Lockerbie bomber’s release” STV
“US senators call for Lockerbie bomber release probe” BBC

Following posted on 5.7.10

“Lockerbie bomber al–Megrahi could spill his secrets in memoirs” Daily Record
“Swire defends Megrahi doctors” Herald
“Lockerbie bomber ‘may live 20 years’” Scotsman
“Lockerbie bomber Megrahi may live for another decade” Express
“Megrahi could ‘live for 20yrs’” Scottish Sun
“Dying Lockerbie bomber ‘could survive for 10 years or more’” Telegraph
“Scottish government stands by advice to free Megrahi” BBC

“Megrahi outlives all killers out on grounds of compassion” Scotsman
“Lockerbie bomber still alive nine months after release by SNP government” Times
“Bid to have Lockerbie bomber’s medical condition revealed is rejected” Daily Record

Following posted on 6.4.10

“Cancer expert gives Lockerbie bomber four weeks to live” STV
“Tories make fresh call to see Megrahi’s medical files” Scotsman
“Lockerbie bomber’s medical records ‘should be released’” Telegraph
“Lockerbie bomber to die ‘within next month’” Times

Following posted on 31.3.10

“Family ‘the key to Megrahi’s survival’'” Independent
“Father of Lockerbie victim ‘proud’ of doctors who assessed bomber” Scotsman
“Al–Megrahi not faking cancer, says victim’s GP father” Times
“Lockerbie father backs medical release of bomber” Caledonian Mercury

“Lockerbie bomber’s lawyer blocks release of medical reports” Daily Record
“Megrahi refuses permission for medical records to be released” Herald
“Bomber blocks his medical records” Press and Journal

“Fresh demands to see Megrahi medical files after health improves” Scotsman

Press release

“After New Reports that Lockerbie Bomber Still Alive, Lautenberg, Gillibrand, Schumer, Menendez Urge British Government to Investigate Release of Libya’s Convicted Terrorist “ Senator Lautenberg (July 2010)

See also

“Jim Swire: Lockerbie: why we should be proud of Al–Megrahi’s doctors” BMJ

Research hint: site searches for Megrahi and Lockerbie will generate slightly different results.

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