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Home Secretary discontinues s.44 Terrorism Act stop and search: reasonable suspicion now required

2010 July 9
by Mary Munro


“Anti–terror stop and search powers to be scrapped” Guardian
“Anti–terrorism stop and search powers dropped” Telegraph
“Rules on stop and search changed” BBC

Following posted on 11.6.10

“Police abused power to stop and search” Herald
“Illegal stop and searches could mean compensation for thousands” Guardian
“Stop and search policy will be robustly reviewed” Guardian
“Claims ahead over terror search errors” Independent
“Thousands of anti–terror searches were illegal” BBC

Following posted on 13.1.10

“European court condemns police misuse of stop and search” Guardian
“Welcome judgement on stop and search” Guardian
“Tories will change law to cut use of stop–and–search” Independent
“Searching questions about a bad law” Scotsman
“Alan Johnson to fight Euro ruling on terror searches” Scotsman
“Euro court outlaws our stop and search powers” Express
“Stop–and–search powers ruled illegal by European court” BBC

Press release

“Changes to police search powers” Home Office (July 2010)
“Liberty welcomes demise of section 44 stop and search after long fight through Courts” Liberty (July 2010)

“Liberty wins landmark stop and search case in Court of Human Rights” Liberty (January 2010)

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