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Serious and Organised Crime strategy: first year report

2010 June 4
by Mary Munro


“Public asked to help bring down crime gangs” STV
“Organised crime task force reveals successes” STV
“Drugs worth £16m seized in Scotland in past year” BBC
“Crackdown on organised crime” Courier
“Legal chiefs claw back £5.5m in ill–gotten gains from Scotland’s gangsters” Daily Record
“‘Grass a gangster’ to help smash crime” Evening Telegraph
“Dirty money: Proceeds of Crime seizures” BBC
“Public urged to inform on ‘lavish’ criminal lifestyles” BBC

Following posted on 3.11.09

“Cops net £8m and dozens of guns in crackdown on Scots organised crime” Daily Record
“8–week war on gangs nets £8m drugs haul” Evening Times
“Blitz on organised crime is hailed big success” Herald
“Cops’ gun blitz haul” Scottish Sun

Following posted on 1.9.09

“Violent gangsters targeted in bid to ‘disrupt and deter’ organised crime” Herald
“Police aim to stamp out criminal gangs” Press and Journal

Press release

“Taking on the gangsters” Scot.Gov.

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