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Detention of refugee children stopped at Dungarvel: Yarl’s Wood instead

2010 May 24
by Mary Munro


“The last child at Dungavel” Herald

“Border agency breaking rules over detention of children in Yarl’s Wood” Guardian
“Detention of children at Dungavel ends now, says Home Office” Times
“Children to no longer be detained overnight at Dungavel” STV
“Now asylum children face ‘even worse prison than Dungavel’” Scotsman

Following posted on 18.5.10

“Baby girl held at Dungavel detention centre” Scotsman
“Children ‘to remain’ at Dungavel detention centre” BBC
“Children still held at detention centre” STV

Following posted on 13.5.10

“Asylum children will be kept out of ‘distressing’ detention centres” Guardian

“A welcome move on child detention” Guardian
“Detention of asylum–seeker children to be scrapped” Times

Following posted on 16.12.09

“Detention disgrace of ministers’ making” Scotsman
“Minister: We must lock up asylum children like Precious, to stop them ending up dead in lorries at Calais” Scotsman

Following posted on 3.12.09

“Holding children in immigration centres must be stopped, say MPs” Herald
“Inhumane practice of locking up immigrant children must stop” Scotsman
“Fresh calls to halt the locking–up of children like Precious” Scotsman

Following posted on 2.11.09

“Hundred children held at Dungavel” BBC
“More than 100 children detained at Dungavel” STV

Following posted on 3.8.09

“Murphy asked to stop Dungavel detention of asylum children” Herald
“SNP urge end to child detentions” BBC
“SNP attack Jim Murphy over Dungavel” STV

Following posted on 20.4.09

“Ministers renege on Dungavel child pledge” Sunday Herald

Press release

“Children caught up in UK immigration system detained for too long” Westminster Parliament

See also

Scottish Parliament Official Report 13.5.10: Tavish Scott: Yesterday, a new United Kingdom Government was formed. The new Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Scotland’s first call was to the First Minister, and the new Government has already announced that the shameful and unacceptable detention of children at the Dungavel detention centre will end. Labour had 13 years in which to do that, yet, as its term in office ended in March, we saw reports of six-year-old children being taken in their school uniforms from their Glasgow school to Dungavel. Was that not a shameful end to a Labour Government? Does the First Minister agree that, with the ending of the detention of children at Dungavel, the right policy change for Scotland is being introduced by a UK Government?

Coalition agreement May 2010

“Keep Florence and Precious in Cranhill” NCADC campaigns
Scottish Parliament Official Report 2.12.09: Dungavel (Detention of Children) debate
Home Affairs Select Committee (November 2009) The Detention of Children in the Immigration System

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