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Coalition agreement: civil liberties and human rights, ID cards, CCTV, DNA, terrorism legislation

2010 May 14
by Mary Munro

This is the section of the Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition agreement headed ‘civil liberties’.

“The parties agree to implement a full programme of measures to reverse the substantial erosion of civil liberties under the Labour government and roll back state intrusion.

This will include:

•A freedom or great repeal bill;
•The scrapping of the ID card scheme, the national identity register, the next generation of biometric passports and the Contact Point database;
• Outlawing the fingerprinting of children at school without parental permission;
• The extension of the scope of the Freedom of Information Act to provide greater transparency;
• Adopting the protections of the Scottish model for the DNA database;
• The protection of historic freedoms through the defence of trial by jury;
• The restoration of rights to non-violent protest;
• The review of libel laws to protect freedom of speech;
• Safeguards against the misuse of anti-terrorism legislation;
• Further regulation of CCTV;
• Ending of storage of internet and email records without good reason;
• A new mechanism to prevent the proliferation of unnecessary new criminal offences.”

“Cameron will scale back database state” Guardian
“Government scraps Labour plans in bonfire of the policies” Independent

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