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Youth Courts review published: net widening, fast tracking, reconvictions and cost

2010 April 26
by Mary Munro


“Report questions benefit of youth courts” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 18.01.08

“Ministers slated over youth courts delay” Courier
“Plea to keep youth courts” Evening News
“Labour anger as youth courts plans shelved” Evening Times
“Youth courts expansion ‘on hold'” BBC
“MacAskill defends decision to put youth courts on hold” Herald
“Halt on youth courts expansion” Law Society Journal Online

Following posted on 17.01.08

“Dismay as youth court plans are put on hold” Herald
“Tackling youth crime” Herald

Following posted on 8.08.07

“Police back bid to set up £630,000 new youth court” Evening Times

Following posted on 5.12.06

“Probe into Executive control of university research”
“Executive ‘airbrushed’ criticisms from report on youth crime courts” Scotsman
“Walters case inquiry needed” Scotsman

Following posted on 27.11.06

“More youth courts planned”
“Number of youth courts set to expand” Law Society Journal Online
“Youth Court pilot to be expanded” BBC

Following posted on 6.11.06

“Crime findings ‘watered down'” Sunday Times

Following posted on 8.5.06

“Report slams ‘unfair’ courts for juveniles” Sunday Times

Following posted on 16.6.05

“Court for kids gets extra time” Daily Record
“Why youth court is no soft option for criminals” Evening Times
“Successful trial for first Scots Youth Court” Evening Times
“Report warns on tagging for young offenders” Herald
“Teenage tagging system must be made to work “ Evening Times
“More than half of bail tag youths end up in courts” Evening Times

Following posted on 16.2.05

“Guilty pleas cut trials at pilot youth courts” Evening Times

Following posted on 9.7.04

“Fast-track youth court ‘a success'” “Scotland’s first youth court in Hamilton has made a “promising” start, it was claimed today.”
Evening Times
“Positive report on youth courts” “Scotland’s pilot youth court system has received a favourable report in a study carried out at Stirling University.” BBC News

Following posted on 3.6.04

“Future looking bright for youth court scheme: It was hailed as a major weapon in the war against teenage criminals who cause misery and mayhem in their communities. And now, a year after the launch of Scotland’s first youth court in Hamilton, experts say that, although its early days, everything points towards success. . .” Evening Times

Press releases

“Expansion of youth courts” Scot. Exec. (Nov. 2006)
“Jamieson Announces Plans for New Youth Courts” Tayside Police
“Scotland’s first Youth Court continues” Scot. Exec. (June 2005)
“Youth Court said to be ‘effective'” “The pilot Youth Court running in Hamilton Sheriff Court is working well, according to a report by university researchers.” Scot. Exec. (July 2004)

See also

Review of the Hamilton and Airdrie Youth Courts (Scottish Government April 2010)

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Evaluation of the Airdrie Sheriff Youth Court Pilot (November 2006) | Summary
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The Hamilton Sheriff Youth Court Pilot: The First Six Months. (Research Findings).
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Evaluation of the Hamilton Sheriff Youth Court Pilot (June 2005)
Piacentini, L, Walters, R. (2006) The Politicization of Youth Crime in Scotland and the Rise of the ‘Burberry Court’. Youth Justice, Vol. 6, No. 1, 43-59. Sage.

Scottish Parliament Official Report 17.1.08: Will the First Minister also tell us why his Government is delaying new youth courts in Dundee, Kilmarnock and Paisley when the evaluation of an existing youth court concluded: “With its fast track procedures and additional resources it was regarded as a model to be aspired to in all summary court business”?

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