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Online stalking amendment to Criminal Justice Bill agreed by Justice Committee

2010 April 21
by Mary Munro


“Stalkers to be jailed under new law” STV
“New stalking law backed by Holyrood committee” BBC

Following posted on 14.4.10

“Stalking laws considered by MSPs” STV
“MSPs urged to outlaw stalking” Herald

Following posted on 5.4.10

“MacAskill’s planned stalker law flawed, says leading expert” Herald

Following posted on 24.3.10

“Anti–stalking laws needed to prevent ‘destroyed’ lives” BBC
“Victim speaks out on stalking” BBC
“MSPs ponder new stalking law as victim recounts terrifying ordeal” Daily Record
“Stalker ruined my life – now it’s payback time” Scotsman
“Letter torment of woman stalked from jail” Scotsman

Following posted on 9.3.10

“Revealed: 700 Scots victims of stalking” Herald
“Law on stalking is necessary and timely” Herald
“Living in fear: hidden crime that is taking a terrifying grip on society” Herald
“700 Scots are victims of stalking, new survey finds” Daily Record
“MSPs told to be tough on stalkers” Evening Times

Following posted on 3.3.10

“Stalking crime campaign takes a step forward” STV

Following posted on 2.3.10

“Loophole that could see Scots stalkers go free” Express

Following posted on 22.2.10

“New law being brought in to crack down on stalkers and cyber–bullies” Herald
“Scots offence of stalking to be introduced” Herald
“Internet stalkers to face new offence” Scotsman
“Stalkers warned as new powers planned” STV
“Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill targets stalker menace” Daily Record
“New law to tackle online stalkers” BBC

Following posted on 29.1.10

“Stalkers are criminals – not ‘incompetent suitors’” Guardian

Following posted on 26.1.10

“Stalking to be made a crime in Scotland” Times

Following posted on 23.4.07

“Lack of anti-stalking law in Scotland has left women without adequate protection” Scotsman
“Protection – what protection?” Scotsman

Press release

“Move to strengthen law on stalking” Scot.Gov. (February 2010)

See also

Justice Committee Official Report 13.4.10: Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Bill: Stage 2
Justice Committee 23.3.10, Official Report: Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Bill
Harris v HMA [2009] HCJAC 80 . On the public element of breach of the peace.
Action Scotland Against Stalking

Scottish Executive (November 2002): Stalking and Harassment in Scotland (full report) | Summary Report

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