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Mephedrone latest: first arrests

2010 April 20
by Mary Munro


“Scots police make first arrests for mephedrone possession since drug ban was introduced” Daily Record
“Police make drugs arrests hours after mephedrone banned” Herald
“Two arrested and charged over Edinburgh drug offences” STV
“Police make Scotland’s first mephedrone arrests” BBC

Following posted on 30.3.10

“Mephedrone to be banned and made class B drug after link to 25 deaths” Guardian
“Rushing mephedrone ban is wrong” Guardian
“Warning as bubbles is set to be banned” Courier
“Mephedrone to be banned” Herald
“Drug mephedrone to be banned” STV
“Mephedrone to be made Class B drug ‘within weeks’ “

Following posted on 18.3.10

“Mephedrone: the class D solution” Guardian
“Ban legal high, Scots pubs and clubs urged” Press and Journal
“No quick ban for killer drug ‘meow meow’” Scotsman
“‘Legal high’ sparks political row” STV

Following posted on 18.2.10

“Drug law shake-up aims to curb ‘legal’ highs” Times
“Comment: A social experiment well worth trying” Times
“Board call to ban ‘bubbles’” Evening Telegraph

Following posted on 12.2.10

“Scottish government moves to ban ‘bubbles’ legal high BBC
“MSP urges action on bubbles” Evening Telegraph
“Move to ban ‘bubbles’ drug” Courier

Other recent headlines

“Fears grow over safety of ‘legal high’ mephedrone” Guardian
“Bubbles – dangers of cheap high” Courier
“Minister demands ban on legal highs” Courier

Press release

“UNIGHT Aberdeen ban ‘legal high’” Grampian Police

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