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Justice Committee agrees mandatory six month custodial sentence for knife possession

2010 April 14
by Mary Munro


“MSPs bid to jail knife carriers” Herald
“Automatic jail terms for knife carriers passes major hurdle” Scotsman
“On a knife edge” Scottish Sun
“MSPs back knife sentencing change” BBC
“MSPs back changes to sentencing for knife carriers” Press and Journal

Following posted on 12.4.10

“Tragic sister of knife victim takes anti–blade campaign to Holyrood” Daily Record

Following posted on 1.4.10

“Prisons acting as ‘colleges of crime’ for Scottish knife thugs” Express
“Figures reveal massive reoffending rate among knife criminals” STV

Following posted on 24.3.10

“Dad backs change to knife law will change” Evening Times
“Anti–knife campaigner in mandatory jail term plea” Evening Times
“Make jails tougher for blade offenders, MSPs told” Herald

Following posted on 16.3.10

“Knife crime plans in Scotland ‘may cost £80m’’” BBC
“£80m cost of jail for crime with a knife” Scotsman
“Knife crime sentence plans ‘could cost over £80m’” STV
“£80m bill to cage all knife yobs” Scottish Sun
“Knife crime: ‘A clear deterrent would stop people carrying knives’” Evening News

Following posted on 1.3.10

“Knife prison plan not ‘effective’” BBC

Following posted on 18.2.10

“Labour and Tories in knife crime row” Evening Times
“Knife carriers should get two years in jail, say Tories” Herald
“Tories call for two year jail terms for knife carriers” Scotsman

Following posted on 16.2.10

“Take me now, officer: Alasdair Ferguson confesses that he is a knife carrier” Scottish Review

Following posted on 11.2.10

“Labour U–turn on knife crime, claims MSP” Courier
“Unity urged over bid to jail carriers of knives” Press and Journal
“Jail all knife offenders or have blood on your hands, ministers told” Scotsman
“Sheriff vows to jail knife carriers … then backtracks an hour later” Daily Record

Following posted on 10.2.10

“Labour urges knife prison terms” BBC
“Labour launches knife campaign” Herald
“Knife carriers to be jailed under Labour plans” STV

Following posted on 9.2.10

“30,000 Scots sign petition backing automatic jail sentences for knife thugs” Daily Record

Following posted on 4.1.10

“Labour want knife crime treated as seriously as gun offences” Daily Record
“Labour call for hard line approach to knife crime” STV
“Labour slams SNP for ‘failure’ over knife crime” Scotsman

Following posted on 15.12.09

“Parents of knife crime victims tell summit of ‘suffering’ after assaults” Herald
“Labour renews demand to get tougher on knife crime” Scotsman
“Anti–knife crime event to be held in Glasgow” STV

Following posted on 19.10.09

“Police deal blow to Labour’s automatic jail policy for knife carrying” Scotsman

Following posted on 5.10.09

“Labour calls for tougher jail terms for knife crime” Herald
“Labour slam SNP’s soft stance on knife crime” Daily Record

Following posted 31.08.09

“Knife crime statistics prompt Labour demand for jail terms” Herald
“New plea to jail anyone caught carrying a knife” Press and Journal

Following posted 12.08.09

“Grieving dad joins bid to jail all knife thugs” Evening Times
“Labour petition on knives goes to Holyrood” Herald
“Labour leader accuses SNP of being soft on knife crime” Scotsman
“Cutting knife crime is top priority for public” Evening Times

Following posted 17.07.09

“East End backs call to jail all knife carriers” Evening Times

Following posted 19.06.09

“Only one in four armed criminals face prison” Evening News

Following posted 29.05.09

“Violence czar opposes mandatory sentences for knives”

Following posted 28.05.09

“Police chief dismisses call to jail anyone carrying a knife” The Scotsman

Following posted 27.05.09

“Tories demand tough action to cut crime ” Evening Times

Following posted 14.05.09

“Parties want mandatory jail terms for knife thugs” Herald
“Tory demands tough new jail sentences” Press and Journal
“Tories call for 2 year minimum sentence to tackle knife crime” Scotsman
“Mandatory jail terms for knife crime backed” Herald

Press releases

“Labour demands mandatory knife sentences” Scottish Labour Party

See also

Justice Committee Official Report 13.4.10: Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Bill: Stage 2
Justice Committee 23.3.10, Official Report: Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Bill
Richard Baker (North East Scotland) (Lab): To ask the Scottish Executive how many homicides there were in 2007-08, broken down by (a) police force area and (b) main method of killing (and related questions)

Petition 377. Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce mandatory minimum custodial sentencing for those caught carrying knives or other dangerous weapons in public except where there are exceptional circumstances relating to the carrying of a knife or other similar sharp implement.

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