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Drug Misuse Statistics Scotland 2004-9: media comment

2010 March 31
by Mary Munro

“Graeme Pearson: The grim reality of 574 addicts’ wasted lives” Scotsman
“The Scots drug addicts aged just 14 – and even younger” Scotsman
“Stalled treatment of drug addicts fuels fears of crime wave” Scotsman
“Aged 10 and already on road to drug addiction” Express
“1,000 new junkies a month” Scottish Sun
“Methadone for addicts costs £16m a year” Herald
“Big jump in methadone costs” Courier

Following posted on 18.12.08

“Glasgow bucks drug user trend” Evening Times

Following posted on 19.12.07

“Drug misuse figures released”
“Drugs deaths down but ‘no room for complacency'” Scotsman
“Calls for fresh money and ideas to tackle drug addiction” STV

Following posted on 20.12.06

“Cocaine use doubles, figures suggest” Courier
“Coke figures a wake-up call” and “Coke epidemic grips nation” Daily Record 20.12.06
“Number of prescriptions for methadone on rise in Lothian”Evening News
“Cocaine use doubles in five years” BBC
“Methadone prescriptions continue to soar”
“Widespread use of methadone ‘fails to tackle the damage of drug abuse'” Scotsman
“Methadone not the only method” Scotsman
“Prescription heroin is long overdue” Scotsman
“Rise in number of pregnant women using heroin” STV
“Shock as figures show that North East is crack capital” Evening Express
“Scots shock as cocaine use soars” Evening Times

Following posted on 15.12.05

“Police concern over surge in heroin users “ Courier
“Addicts taking methadone soars by 41%” Evening News
“Tayside, Fife drug deaths increase” Evening Telegraph
“Cheap cocaine worry amid rise in drug users seeking help” Scotsman
“Sharp rise in the number of drug addicts seeking treatment” Times
“Crack use still a big problem” Evening Express
“Executive: ‘progress being made on drugs'”

Following posted on 16.12.04

“Surge in number of addicts requesting treatment “ Evening News

Press releases

“Efforts to tackle drugs misuse” Scot.Gov. (2007)
“Figures show fall in heroin injection” Scot. Exec.(2006)
“Drug misuse statistics” Scot. Exec.(2005)

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